Tools for an Inspired Life

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Tools for an Inspired Life

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A remarkable 10-week online course, available on-demand to fit your schedule. Included channeled video, exercises from Gaia, and an interactive journal to bring clarity during these fast-paced times. Renew your divine spark, and explore new tools as Gaia offers us skills for a new/now world!

Learn to build a long-lasting relationship with the self you have been waiting to become, and to utilize the forces of Gaia and the Universe that are always available to you.

This transformative course includes:

  • A weekly lesson of written guidance from Pepper and Gaia. Each week you will be sent an email announcing the next available lesson. You will be given online access to your personal account, where you can return to each lesson at any time. After the 10 weeks are up, you will continue to have unlimited access to the full course.
  • A video or audio portion for each lesson designed to bring you even closer to the messages of Gaia. These media portions of the course include a channeled message from Gaia, as well as the wisdom and practical teaching to implement each skill.
  • An online journal for exploring and applying the new techniques to your life. This journal is password-protected and seen only by you.
  • An activity designed for hands-on experience to access new tools of inspiration. Each activity will lead you on a journey of deeper self-discovery.


With the first lesson, "Using Totems as Tools," my life changed or to put it another way, I had an experience and then another as I saw my world as I have never seen it. I am not one to spout this or that philosophy until I find another but rather, I value the sense of words, the sentience of all things, and this course opened my eyes and my heart. I do not trust easily. The weekly sessions with Pepper and Gaia folded so easily into my everyday world--such incredible joy--five months later, the joy of just experiencing is still with me. I live differently, aware that what I see now has always been but I didn't know how to look. It is hard to imagine how this course could be more practical, provided one is ready to explore all that one is. Thank you, thank you, Pepper and Gaia.  KM Huber, Tallahassee, FL


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