Tools for an Inspired Life (DVD) w/ Handmade Journal

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Tools for an Inspired Life (DVD) w/ Handmade Journal

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In order to support and assist you in navigating these ever-changing times, Pepper and Gaia have created a 10-week course to help reshape and remake your experience here on Earth into an inspired, lively, loving and connected experience.

Our DVD version allows you to choose your own pace, starting and stopping, revisiting and lingering as you feel guided to do. A handmade journal, inspired by nature and by our artist friend, completes the package and gently encourages you to share the depth of this adventure in memorable ways.

This transformative course includes:

*A DVD with colorful and nature-filled exercises, instructions and information. The unique imagery demonstrated in the video by both Pepper and Gaia is designed to bring you even closer to your own wisdom as you participate more fully in your life. and 10 weekly lessons of written guidance from Pepper and Gaia. Each lesson is unique and specific, setting a new tone for making both internal and external shifts that will feel like a breath of fresh air upon a new horizon.

*A beautiful, hand-made journal for exploring and applying the new techniques to your life. An important companion to accompany you on the journey of a lifetime.

*An activity-based booklet designed for hands-on experience and to access new tools of inspiration. Each activity will lead you on a journey of deeper self-discovery.

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