Living, Dying and Living Again Series (Gaias Voice #13 – #16)

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Living, Dying and Living Again Series (Gaias Voice #13 – #16)

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In this fascinating series, Gaia discusses the soul’s purpose and the transition process. She reminds us that death does not exist, but that the body does not know this nor do certain parts of our personality. According to Gaia, death is "a version of being alive elsewhere.”

Gaia describes the soul as a fearless, animated, nonjudgmental, joyful factory of ideas — a creator, a stimulator of purpose, and life giver that is reborn many different times during a human life.

Gaia speaks to these topics and much more:

  • How we use free will
  • Why we toggle between soul ideas and human thoughts?
  • What is the expanded knowingness that occurs just before and after death
  • Where are the exit points in the body? (There are more than you think)
  • Why is it difficult to talk a being back into a life once it leaves a life or a body?
  • How we view and review our lives

This recording answers questions most of us have not thought of asking about the cycle of life and death and what it all means.

These Gaia's Voice downloads are from a bi-weekly audio channel on subjects of Gaia's choice, available at a discount to subscribers.

Each program is an hour long, with Gaia speaking intimately to the listener.  Each message is filled with the timeless wisdom of Gaia, as well as the sweetness and humor of our beloved Planet.

What People Say

I greatly enjoy listening to every “issue” because there is a real sense of being part of a very privileged community. Often things I have been thinking about are addressed in the messages, which is a slightly unnerving experience, but enjoyable nonetheless. Thanks to Pepper, and of course Gaia, for this valuable service. Murray M., Athens, Greece.

This series has been an extraordinary lesson in understanding how to communicate profoundly yet simply on such seemingly complicated issues. I have waited 50 years to hear this and have had to sort through all sorts of teachings including medical school, acupuncture, Reiki and more. Talk about taking the long way around! Thank you so much Pepper and Gaia for the profoundness and the choice of your words. Marie-Paule F., Preaux, France

Four MP3s, 107MB total

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