A New You, Starting a New Chapter in Life (MP3)

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A New You, Starting a New Chapter in Life (MP3)

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New chapters begin with an inner knowledge that your time has come. Take a deep breath and know that this time is now.

Topics and Exercises Include:

  • Who or what decides when it is time for a new chapter
  • How to create lasting versus temporary change
  • Learn how to easily detect new messages and messengers
  • Develop an ongoing intuitive sense of who you are and what you want
  • How to use the Soul/Personality connection to balance your inner and outer worlds.
  • Compassionate and responsible dissolution of activities and relationships that are no longer useful.
This course will help you to recognize, activate and enhance positive change in your life. While there is no hurry, here is an opportunity to gently quicken your pace!

Equal to 8-CDs

Just finished my 'New Chapter' CD's. So well done! I appreciated the Q&A segments in these as they illustrated so many different angles to my own dilemmas. Thanks to these CDs, I may just get the hang of it and actually enjoy a little uncertainty. I've been a miserable old hoot, but Joy is returning. Yayyyyyyy!
- Jeanine B. Lynden, WA

Also available on CD.


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