From the New Age to the Now Age

Introduction to the “From the New Age to the Now Age” Video Series
Enjoy the best of Gaia and other energies that Pepper channels over this 4 day seminar.

-  JUST RELEASED, June 12, 2012 -

- Pt. 5: From the New Age to the Now Age -

 Pt. 2: A Ritual of Rebirth for New Beginnings -
- Pt. 3: On the Art & Science of Channeling -
- Pt. 4: Meditation, Gaia, & Arcturus -
- Pt. 5: From the New Age to the Now Age -
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If you haven’t been able to attend to a seminar with Pepper Lewis and Gaia you are really going to love this opportunity.

As we travel through time, deep into 2012, something new arises and the energy shifts beyond ideas we have for this year. The world is changing. We are in the middle of an unprecedented transformation, shifting us towards the present moment. We must learn to use the tools of consciousness to create the world the future.

What happens next is in our hands now, more than it has been any time before. As a species, we’ve never experienced this. Our individual and collective actions are important in fostering the new now reality. Are you ready for the shift from the New Age to the Now Age?

As the world seems to fall into endless trouble and despair, we must use all our gifts, spreading our light into the world, to create heaven on earth. The universe pushes us toward a new beginning. Experience this series of five videos, recorded live in Scottsdale, Arizona. Here we take the first steps into the next big transition “From the New Age to the Now Age”.

The Five Videos Include:

  1. The World of the Future –
    Available for Free!

    Take a look at what the future will bring us with Pepper Lewis in this wonderful series.
  2. A Ritual of Rebirth for New Beginnings –
    Available Now – Watch Now or  Order Here!

    Venture yourself inside this portal and gather your energies to create the world of the future as Pepper and Gaia lead you through a wonderful ritual to kick off this series.
    Salute the spirits of the earth, through powerful, healing energy
  3. On the Art and Science of Channelling –
    Available Now – Watch Now or Order Here!
    There are many ways of connecting with other energies and to channel them to receive messages from other dimensions.Pepper has been channeling Mother Earth for more than 15 years, and lately has been teaching others how to do it, through metaphysics and opening the understandings of what is to connect and channel.In this video you will see Pepper for the first time channeling in public a different energy, Uelora a being from another dimension that currently lives with us on Earth.
    This is a must see!
  4. Meditation, Gaia and Arcturus –
    Available from May 29th – Watch Now or Order Here!

    Experience a wonderful and profound moment of connection with your being and your body as Pepper and Gaia guides you through the beats of the music and prepares you for a very special visitor that will tell you how is life on Arcturus and how their evolution relates to ours on this Earth.This is another great opportunity to watch Pepper channel a different energy and to experience knowledge from other sources of the universe.
  5. From the New Age to the Now Age –
    Available from June 12th – Watch Now or Order Here!

    Do you know where does the idea of the 11:11:11 come from? In this video Pepper teaches a very clear class that starts with a remembrance of the New Age history and then moves to several highly important topics as we transition to the Now Age, including a deep look at the concept of Fairness, Telepathy and Intuition, Change, Reality Creation and the Purpose of Life.

Join Pepper in this special class that encourages us to live in 2012 as a year of transition and to engage in the present moment.

Watch Online* $29.97 each (Order Here)
$97 Subscription to all 5 videos (Order Here)
(as they become available

*Access to watch online is for 3 weeks

Don’t miss this chance to participate in special rituals and exercises created to expand awareness and to lift you into new visions of tomorrow.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this unique seminar Series!

Humanity is transcending now. We can create a more sustainable, creative, and integrated partnership with Gaia. Let these fascinating recordings lead the way.

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