Where Did Gaia Go?

(Q) Years ago, I followed your communications with Gaia closely. Later on, I lost touch, which was okay because I had learned from you how to have my own relationship with Mother Earth. Now I am writing because my connection to Gaia seems to have faded, I can’t hear her as I once did. Did … Read more

Not Cashless, but Less Cash

(Q) Is it still possible to live in a world where goods and services are exchanged for cash or is everything already dependent upon credit cards and the Internet? Among other bad ideas, can this one be reversed? (A) There is still some time built into the old system, but not much. The world has … Read more

A Moment In (and out) of Time – part 1

Although distance separates us, you are my extended family. I have always thought of you that way. There is only one human family and we are it. There is only one world and it is (temporarily) ours to live upon, learn from, and share in its resources. We are currently experiencing a worldwide “moment”. A … Read more

Do People or Pets Make Better Friends?

Q. Do you think people or pets make better friends? A. I was asked this question on a panel discussion once and totally fumbled it! Let me try again. I have had a good dog bite me and a good friend growl at me, so not much difference there. People and pets have both scratched … Read more

Living the Great Mystery

On a recent radio appearance, the conversation turned to the importance of retelling stores and creation myths, especially when things look bleak, as many believe they do today. Native American legends sometimes refer to an old woman as the Creator, and one of my favorite stories is about an old woman in a cave. I … Read more

Birds of a Feather?

Q. Recent news articles estimate that we have lost over 3 billion birds in North America and Canada. Can it be that many? I do not hear birds sing anymore and it pains me to think we are at fault. A. The numbers are correct. Over the last 50 years we have lost almost 30% … Read more