Life at the Deep End of the Pool

(Q) A friend of mine recently went off the deep end, spiritually speaking. It began with a casual exploration of different kinds of spirituality. Now she is obsessed with finding answers that are impossible to prove or disprove. Since this has not been my experience, can you better explain it? (A) This is such a … Read more

Paradigm Shock

A few months ago (it seems longer) as the shock of COVID-19’s global side-effects really began to sink in, I explored a theory, which I later shared in a YouTube video, that our experience of ordinary time may have become entangled or crisscrossed with other timelines. It felt then, as it does now, that we … Read more

It Won’t Be Toilet Paper Next Time

(Q) Will the current “disruption economy” interrupt the delivery of food, water and other resources? (A) Disruption was just a buzz word among techies a few short years ago. Today it is part of everyone’s vocabulary. Our lives have been disrupted and we have a sense that disruption may be here to stay. Looked at … Read more

Are Psychics for Real?

(Q) My question is about psychics. Over the years I have been told (and promised) many things. A few things did come to pass exactly as was foretold, but most did not. Are psychics a reliable source of information? After a lot of soul-searching I am wondering if anything is worth believing in. (A) We … Read more

5G: Now or Never?

For better and worse we are firmly in the age of technology. There’s no going back. I’m going to begin with the same words you will see again near the end of this article: Technology wins. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that the Piscean Age is ending in less than graceful … Read more

Money Can’t Buy Happiness

(Q) We met some years ago and our encounter was very helpful. I am writing for help with something that is a bit embarrassing. I could not bring myself to broach the question in a private session and even now I am sending it anonymously, hoping you will answer it anyway. Simply put, I have … Read more