Gaia’s Message to the World, circa 2002

I am the nonphysical sentience of this planet. A sentience guides and enlivens its composite planet and the space that surrounds it. My sentience animates planetary resources, keeping them available and compatible with most life forms. It is also responsible for seasons, climate, and the aggregate of elements that together are called, Earth. The kingdoms … Read more

The Future is Now. Let’s Bake Bread


(Q) Is it helpful to revisit the past or to investigate the future? (A) It is sometimes helpful, not always. Does revisit mean remember? You can remember the past without revisiting it. Revisiting is direct and experiential. You can do this yourself or with the help and guidance of someone you trust. Are you curious … Read more

Life is (still) Good


(Q) I can feel myself becoming anti-everything. Is there a way to reverse the process before the metamorphosis is complete? (A) The short answer is YES. I believe the process can be reversed. Here’s the longer answer: Some years ago, I found myself in a similar situation. I felt as if I had fallen to … Read more

Do Warmer Climates Heat Up Spirituality Too?


(Q) Regarding climate change and the warming of the planet, I have heard that everything that is happening is meant to happen; that the increase in heat is necessary to raise vibrations, and the increase in sea levels will cleanse the earth. Is this true? Is this how we get to the next level or … Read more

Gaia’s Message, circa 2013: Or Was It Just Yesterday?


This message requires a short introduction. Bear with me. Is 2012 still clear in your mind? It’s been ten years already, can you believe it? The years just before 2012 were amazing, and it is likely that I met many of you for the first time back then. As 2012 came to a close, life … Read more

Earth: The Gaian Library

dna of earth

(Q) This past year I have heard you refer to the earth as Gaia, as a planet, and as a world. Which of these terms is more accurate, or are they all the same? (A) Good question! Our earth is foremost a beautiful planet within our solar system. It is our home. In ancient times … Read more