Spoiler Alert: Answer to Last Month’s Puzzle

Last month I shared a puzzle from Gaia with you, the first of its kind. Here it is again in case you missed it. Try to answer the questions before reading Gaia’s response. Four friends meet at a crossroads.Then two unfriends arrive.A quarrel ensues.What happens next? Four friends meet at a crossroads. Suddenly two off-planet … Read more

Life Is Long but Time Is Short

(Q) Gaia often says “life is long, but time is short” but what does that really mean? Is it a metaphor for don’t waste your life, or don’t sweat the small stuff? If time really is short, how much time do we have? And dare I ask, what then? (A) It is both a metaphor … Read more

Be It Ever So Humble or When In Doubt, Listen to Your Mother

You are being asked to go to a deeper level. As always, It is a request not a demand. It is time to extend your perceptors. This must be accomplished slowly. The process is like that of a diver regulating his breathing before descending further. Divers learned this adaptation from aquatic animals like seals and … Read more

Introducing Gaia’s Voice

In case you are new to my previous work, Gaia’s Voice was a subscription audio program that ran for several years. Inspired by Gaia, we explored many subjects and approached them from a variety of perspectives – everything from Death & Dying to the Birth of a Soul. We explored past and present systems of … Read more

Gratitude, Vision & the Law of Attraction

(Q) Do gratitude journals and vision boards work? Is it the same principle as the Law of Attraction? (A) They do work. Some of the time. For some people. A healthy attitude and a basic understanding of how nature’s laws work helps. the Law of Attraction wins the popularity contest, but the other laws are … Read more

A Puzzle from Gaia

This is a first. As I was working on another project, I was interrupted and asked to take dictation. This is the result, a riddle of sorts. It is meant for everyone so feel free to jump in. I have no idea what the answer(s) are. I assume they will come later, hopefully in time … Read more