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2023 & Beyond: the Labyrinth

The “. . . and Beyond” series began in 2006 with Gaia showing us some of the challenges and changes we could expect in the coming years. Back then, 2012 was the milestone year we were all wondering about. It’s hard to believe it’s been over ten years since then. Over the years, we were given glimpses, clues, guidance, and warnings about what to expect. Sometimes much more. While some future events seem fixed, others felt fluid enough that our collective consciousness and intent could nudge them in another direction. I like to think that we did just that. By the end of the day, our view of the world was larger than the one we arrived with.

These talks were not meant to predict the future, so much as to help us navigate the challenges and opportunities that lay on the horizon. Life is complicated, our problems are diverse and complex, our minds distracted and lately, depressed –we are as concerned for our sanity as we are for our survival. Our culture has advanced in some areas but retreated in others. Our ability to raise our collective consciousness is in jeopardy. We used to think that the next generations would have the answers but we see now that they don’t, at least not yet. So, our job (or purpose) is not complete, there’s more to do and we are needed.

Two Buddhist lama teachers I have studied with over the years were recently leading a class I know for a fact they have taught hundreds of times. Every part of their teaching engaged beginners’ mind, the ability to experience something as if for the first time, every time.

I wonder if we could all be experiencing recent challenges as if they were our first, clearing every hurdle as first-timers so we can remain fresh and awake, ready to usher in the new world as we help others do the same.

“. . . and Beyond” events help direct our energy so that our efforts make a difference. I once asked if receiving this kind of assistance gave us preferential treatment over others, but Gaia insists that what we receive today is much less than what earlier people and cultures received. Though more advanced, we are not as attuned to the transcendent. It is harder for us to receive, believe, trust, and act.

As we move into 2023, we could use a reminder that what we think and do matters, especially when media messaging insists that he/she/they/we are to blame for just about everything. Even so, these events are not for everyone. If you are easily overwhelmed by straight talk about “our situation” as Gaia calls it, or someone with a strong belief in a religious or biblical event that favors the few over the many, this may not be for you.

Consider this: In the past, when we looked at the future it was further away than it is today. In other words, the future was where we expected it to be – further down the road. This may still be true, but it doesn’t feel that way. In these accelerated times when we talk about the future, it’s just around the next corner.

The best way to show up is with bold curiosity and an inspiration to see things broadly and openly. Our assessment of the world (and ourselves) needs to be just, with fewer comparisons to ideals that do not, and perhaps never did, exist. And it helps to be stalwart, a Gaia word that means committed and loyal to the work ahead; an eyes-on-the-prize, heart-over-mind approach.

Gaia has titled 2023 and Beyond, The Labyrinth. You enter a labyrinth from a clear and inviting beginning point. If you keep moving forward, you will eventually arrive at the center. The way out is the same as the way in but reversed. One foot in front of the other will see you safely out and back on your way – rested and centered.

Mazes are different. They have multiple paths that do not necessarily lead to the center, some don’t lead anywhere at all. The way through can be confusing, turning this way and that as you become increasingly disoriented. Dead ends force you back the way you came, frustrated as you retrace your same steps.

Understanding the differences between a labyrinth and a maze will help guide us in 2023 and beyond. It helps to know what we are stepping into. If we understand the territory ahead, we can better prepare for the journey.


2023 & Beyond: The Labyrinth

Saturdays, January 21st and 28th, 2023

10:00 am to 12:30 pm PST.

Spaces are Limited – Register Here:
2023 & Beyond: The Labyrinth

We will visit several areas of interest including world economies, climate, earth changes, science, spirituality, space, government, wellness, warnings, and more.

Registration is $59 for Gaia’s Voice (premium members) and $89 for everyone else. (consider becoming a member for significant savings now and in the future). A recording of the event is included, and there will be opportunities to ask questions.