Free Agent, Free Will

Q: I hear everyone talking about ‘agency’ these days, even at spiritual gatherings. I hate to admit it, but I don’t have a clue as to what it means or how it relates to me. Is it something we already have or need? Any light you can shed on this topic would be much appreciated. … Read more

How Long Is an Aeon?

Q. In spiritual writing there are usually references to ‘aeons of time’. Are these measurable units of time or veiled references to something else? A. Spiritual material can sometimes sound poetic, relying on older interpretations of words, especially ones that are vague to begin with or have a more current use. Aeon, also spelled eon, … Read more

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Q. I am in a difficult situation and uncertain of what to do. There are no good options and regardless of what I decide, at least one person will become irrevocably angry and hurt. If I do nothing the situation will be carried forward, involve more people, and more than likely worsen. Any suggestions? A. … Read more

Would Buddha Be a Buddhist Today?

Q. In your opinion, if the Buddha were among us today, would he consider himself a Buddhist? Would Jesus Christ identify as a Jew or a Christian? A. Hypothetical thought provoking questions like these are fun to consider, as long as we remember that our answers are based upon well-intentioned guesswork; a play of the … Read more

Skillful Speech

Q. My friend and I have fallen into the bad habit of gossiping about another friend. It began with the good intention of making suggestions to help her overcome a difficult situation. But when our efforts fell on deaf ears and her problem persisted, we carried on the conversation in private. When this got back … Read more

Wisdom: What’s In a Name?

I came of spiritual age at the height of the New Age – a time when post-psychedelic, open-minded seekers began their in-depth search for meaning and purpose within humanity’s collective awareness. As a Western seeker, I traveled up and down what I called the Dharma Highway, a network of spiritual roads, esoteric bookstores, visiting teachers, … Read more