When In Doubt, Call on Your Sensorium

(Q) How can we find the balance between listening to our own intuitive wisdom and the helpful guidance offered by a teacher/counselor/coach? Where do we place our trust if the two are in conflict? (A) Your question is very astute. Intuitively, you already know that trust is something we carefully place, or entrust, to someone … Read more

Predict Us Out of This Mess!

(Q) Did you or anyone you know predict or see the pandemic coming? I don’t think my life would have unfolded differently if I had known about it ahead of time, but I would like to believe that early warnings are possible, especially prior to life-changing events of this magnitude. (A) It’s an easy NO … Read more

Can Relationships Stand the Test of Time?

(Q) I keep losing relationships that have been important to me. This has been going on for some time, right up to a few weeks ago. Different reasons – death, a falling out, political intolerance, distance. Is this happening to others too? (A) Yes. It is happening to others too, including me. Does knowing that … Read more

Judge? Who Me?

(Q) As a kid I was taught to keep my hands and my opinions to myself. I never got into fights, and I learned to think before I speak. Am I alone out here? Everyone seems to have such strong opinions, and they want to make sure everyone hears them – commentators, influencers, popularizers, pundits, … Read more

Today Is All We Have

(Q) Assuming today is all we have, what is the first, best, or only thing I can do for the planet? (A) Today really is all we have. We assume we will be here tomorrow to ask the same question, but do we know that for sure? In his final months, my father’s first words … Read more

The Path of the Good Tiger

Q. I am a latecomer to the world of wellness through positive intentions and spiritual psychology. Until recently, I would not have considered myself a good person. I know I’m not the only one who has chosen this path. I am interested in anything you would share about where to go from here. A. Recently, … Read more