What Is Agenda 21?

Q. What is ‘Agenda 21’ and why is everyone so concerned about it? A. Agenda 21 is a voluntary (non-binding) action plan implemented by the United Nations in response to sustainable development. It was introduced to the public at the Earth Summit in Brazil, in 1992, where 178 governments voted to adopt it. The action-based … Read more

Where’s My Tribe?

Q: I realized tonight working at my job in Dispatch, that there is no one around me that I can call my ‘tribe’. There’s no one who can relate to my interests in metaphysics, or who is willing to talk about spirituality, or even to commiserate with about how life is going. It’s all pretty … Read more

What Are Open Secrets?

Q. I was a recent guest at a class my friend attends. Whenever her teacher made reference to “open secrets” people nodded in agreement. I am not familiar with the term and was not invited to ask questions, but would like to know more. A. Kōans like this one have been used in spiritual teachings … Read more

3D vs 5D: Are We There Yet?

Q. Do you agree with others who are saying that we are already living in the fifth dimension? A. It’s been a while since I last considered this subject, so before answering your question I looked around the Internet, hoping to find a consensus. Whenever I hear someone say, they said, I wonder who they … Read more