Introducing Gaia’s Voice

In case you are new to my previous work, Gaia’s Voice was a subscription audio program that ran for several years. Inspired by Gaia, we explored many subjects and approached them from a variety of perspectives – everything from Death & Dying to the Birth of a Soul. We explored past and present systems of … Read more

Gratitude, Vision & the Law of Attraction

(Q) Do gratitude journals and vision boards work? Is it the same principle as the Law of Attraction? (A) They do work. Some of the time. For some people. A healthy attitude and a basic understanding of how nature’s laws work helps. the Law of Attraction wins the popularity contest, but the other laws are … Read more

A Puzzle from Gaia

This is a first. As I was working on another project, I was interrupted and asked to take dictation. This is the result, a riddle of sorts. It is meant for everyone so feel free to jump in. I have no idea what the answer(s) are. I assume they will come later, hopefully in time … Read more

What Does Pepper Ask Gaia?

I am often asked if I seek guidance from Gaia, and if so, how it is received. I do seek guidance, especially when things, for whatever reason, start to unravel. Like you, I sometimes need a real session. In that case, I have trusted friends ask related questions on my behalf. Automatic writing is still … Read more

Spread the Love

Are you old enough to remember the original Earth Day, April 22, 1970? I am. I was in middle school. I really didn’t know what it was about, but I had a feeling that it was meaningful, especially for my generation. I mostly remember picking up a lot of trash. I remember stacks of newspaper … Read more

Gaia’s Message to the World, circa 2002

I am the nonphysical sentience of this planet. A sentience guides and enlivens its composite planet and the space that surrounds it. My sentience animates planetary resources, keeping them available and compatible with most life forms. It is also responsible for seasons, climate, and the aggregate of elements that together are called, Earth. The kingdoms … Read more