Spirit Guides: Hard at Work or Hardly Working?

(Q) Why would any being who has evolved beyond the 3D human plane want to be a spirit guide for someone on earth? If it were me, I’d run as far as I could in the opposite direction. (A) Oh no! Really? I’ll have to remember not to request you. Seriously, you are not the … Read more

It’s Tough Out There

(Q) It’s getting tougher out there. If it’s not global warming, it’s a hurricane. If it’s not a drought, it’s a flood, and it gets worse from there. And yet, other messages (from the good guys) tell us not to give these events any energy, focus on what we want to see in the world, … Read more

Preventing Earthquakes 101

(Q)Can guides, teachers, entities, etc., prevent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters? This would seem especially helpful now. (A) Pepper: I was twelve years-old the first time I asked the same question. It was just after my first earthquake experience in 1971. Already enamored with earth mother, I wondered how she could allow this … Read more

A Soul’s Right to Choose

Three steps forward and one giant leap back? That’s how I felt on hearing that the U.S Supreme Court had made its decision. I turned to Gaia for solace and understanding. This is what I received. ~Pepper (GAIA) Surprise and discontent have always been a galvanizer of people. There is little ambivalence on this subject. … Read more

Everything is Absolutely Relative

(Q) Many people say we are near the end of this world or already in the new/next world. Do you know this with absolute certainty? Is there any way to verify it? (A) Quick answer. No. No one knows with absolute certainty no matter who they are or what they say. We/they also do not … Read more