What Does Pepper Ask Gaia?

I am often asked if I seek guidance from Gaia, and if so, how it is received. I do seek guidance, especially when things, for whatever reason, start to unravel. Like you, I sometimes need a real session. In that case, I have trusted friends ask related questions on my behalf.

Automatic writing is still one of my favorite ways to communicate with Gaia. Here is an example of a message I received not long ago in response to my hesitation to restart the Gaia’s Voice audio subscriptions. The hesitation came from my not wanting to tell it like it is in such challenging times. There is already more than enough fear out there and I don’t want to add to it. I chose this message because it may be helpful to others, too.

Automatic Writing from Gaia to Pepper: Too much asking. Too many questions. Trust life to bring what you need, to supply you with proper materials. Interest and curiosity are enough to locate an entry point. A bit of rust will not tarnish the vehicle, it can still shine. Mind the breath for a time and a half. Find the gaps and correct them as you have been shown. Kindle the fire within. Warm yourself in my heart.

You fell under the spell of doubt and distrust? Unlearn this and you will find the foundation beneath you is firm. Travel back in spacetime to gently erase the thoughts that you accepted as your own. Return them to where they belong. If this seems difficult or unwise, soften and blur their hard edges; overwrite them as you have been shown. They are only think-thoughts, there is no energy behind them; nothing that advances a truth or dissolves an untruth. You are well, safe and unharmed, resilient, and near restored. The way forward is not clear, but you are not lost in the wilderness.

Open the book of your life. Unfold the dog-eared pages you meant to revisit. Shake the book until all the bookmarks and placeholders fall away; all reminders of mistakes, wrongdoings, missteps, lessons, penalties, and self-prejudices, even the ones you swore you would never forget. Let them go. Smooth out the creases and gather the pages that have come unbound. When you are ready, turn to a new page and begin afresh.

Whose eyes are you seeing through? Earth is still verdant, azure, and fertile. The land is not hostile. Hostilities dwell in minds that are overfull with discouragement. A discouraged mind is harmful to itself and others. Hostility is contagious. It overflows into minds that have not learned to think beyond self-enhancement. Minds that are blind cannot see or feel the transparency of the heart or receive its healing.

Consider the way forward. Think on it and you are there. Dream it so in sleep, make it so when awake. Do you fear that words will not come? They are already here. Is it anticipation that is asking to order and evaluate the topics or something else? Do they require your approval? There is no shortage of topics from which to choose. There is no lack of folly at play in the world. We will begin with a broad brush; the finer details will arrive in their own time. Words and subjects will change direction and vary in intensity even as the winds that carry them. The old-world will tuck neatly into the new, just as the old brain is well-insulated and wrapped by the new. Nothing is lost, the old garment will become the inner lining of the new.

There are no strangers here, only old friends returning from places known and unknown. Exchange pleasantries, rekindle warmth and goodwill. Even so, be aware that some have already leapt into the future without regard for the needs of the present. Others have burrowed their way into the past, safeguarding old ideas and unrelated items of little need. So be it and let them be. Appeal only to those who respond to your invitation. Do not seek beyond that in your name or mine. It is not necessary.

These words have arrived in right time, others will too. Do not struggle to have it all laid out before you now. There is a kinder, more gentle way. Enjoy the process as you once did. I am the canvas; you are the paintbrush, the words are paint. It is enough.

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