Today Is All We Have

(Q) Assuming today is all we have, what is the first, best, or only thing I can do for the planet?

(A) Today really is all we have. We assume we will be here tomorrow to ask the same question, but do we know that for sure? In his final months, my father’s first words on awakening each day were “is this the same place or the next place?”

We wake up to a different world every day. And we are different too. Chronological time makes it seem like we are the same person we were yesterday. Today looks a lot like yesterday, except that it’s new again. Really. I say this because these days I receive a lot of questions that sound like yours. And the unspoken sentiment underneath what is asked is, does Gaia have any last request (before it’s too late)?

It’s not time for last rites. It’s not time to pull the plug on the planet yet. There is time, we have time. The world wants to remake itself. We can help with that. The planet wants to allocate resources differently. We can help with that, too. Someone recently said to me that “everyone who is anyone has an exit strategy – a plan to go deeply in or very far out.” Really? I mused. I guess that leaves me out. But I don’t really feel that way. I feel that unique answers will emerge from unexpected places in good timing. Not miracles. Solutions.

Our planet (Gaia) is our lifeline to an individual human experience on earth. It’s up to us to adapt to the changes that are taking place to ensure our future and that of mother earth. We know that we need clean water, shelter, food, and other resources. And we know that at least some of these are in flux or have been compromised. But the earth is not broken, and we are not broken. Even so, we can’t go on as we did. We need to clean up our messes and help the planet help us birth a new world. So, thank you for your willingness to stand up for Gaia!

The first thing you can do for the planet is tell her you love and appreciate her. She hears everything – not all the discursive and dysfunctional stuff we say and do, but the intentional thoughts and words that speak vibrationally. Use thought pictures to show her what you love best about the earth, what you enjoy.

The best thing you can do is care. Have care and concern for what you see around you, for neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, and strangers too. We have to help each other. Our concern cannot be for ourselves alone. If we want the earth to reveal the resources that dwell at the heart of the planet, we must open our hearts, too. Our hearts are not tied to our wallets, or to volunteering. We do not need to save the planet. We need to save ourselves. Connecting your mind and heart to Gaia’s is the best thing you can do for the planet and for the rest of us.

The only thing you can do is be yourself. You are unique. You are the only one in the whole world who can be you, feel what you feel, and do the things you do. You are more than a mix of neurotransmitters and mechanical movements. You are spirit in form, an artform and a musical composition set to the rhythm of Nature.

The earth (Gaia) understands everything that we are going through. She knows. Her memories are longer and more loving than ours. The earth is not dependent on our getting it or waking up in time, but we might be. Scientists are calling this time, our time, the Anthropocene – the age of humans. So, it is up to us – human beings – to step up, to show our mother earth what human beings are truly capable of when we align our hearts with hers. I believe we will.

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