The Future is Now. Let’s Bake Bread

Cutting Dough(Q) Is it helpful to revisit the past or to investigate the future?

(A) It is sometimes helpful, not always. Does revisit mean remember? You can remember the past without revisiting it. Revisiting is direct and experiential. You can do this yourself or with the help and guidance of someone you trust.

Are you curious to know if you remember a past event correctly? Did someone remind you of something forgotten or miscued? If it were possible, would you alter the past to your benefit? Knowing what you truly desire is important, so is having a firm intention, which will determine your doorway or plane of access.

You can do this on your own if your mind allows it by using the mind’s ability to travel in space/time and dimension. You may have to bend time a bit here, and unfold space a bit there, but the right intention will smooth out any bumps. I would suggest going directly to the intended memory without pausing to explore the many paths you could have or should have taken. Doing this would alter and distort the subtle memory complex, forcing it to include a newly preferred outcome of the road not taken. This could taint other related experiences. If your goal is to tweak the past a bit, there are better ways to make therapeutic adjustments to your story.

The best way to revisit a past event is to do so from the now, with the understanding that the past is also now. Time is a fickle friend, offering various versions of the past along with a host of future potentials. For instance, there is, the past, which is like a solid object frozen in time and space. There is also a past-present-future-now, a fluid-like current that is adaptive and consonant with an ever evolving now; a flowing river of knowledge that is not static or stuck.

You should also know that certain metaphysical laws guide such endeavors. One of them asks that our purpose be greater than ourselves. In other words, our purpose must in some way serve or benefit other than self. This does not mean that your intention must be akin to saving the world, but it is helpful to remain aware of the Law of One, which ensures that this and all we undertake is somehow healing and therapeutic to others, because we are all one. One being.

One more thing. This activity should not harm or interfere with the wellbeing of another being, culture, or historic marker. You should not place or remove obstacles or otherwise hinder another being’s progress. To put it bluntly, doing so will land you flat on your butt, and you will know the reason why. Trust me on this.

Investigating the future is different. A relaxed, curious, and flexible mind is all that is required. A closed or fixed mind will also yield results, but the plane of vision would be significantly smaller and somewhat impaired. For instance, someone might find themselves on an experiential plane the size of a broom closet, hemmed in on all sides. Likewise, what is seen may appear in its unformed state – chaotic, blurry, or pixelated. However, influencing the future with desire and intention is allowed. It is a creative act that employs energy not yet spent or polarized.

Unfortunately for us, we have reduced this ennobling activity to hope and wishful thinking. Our abilities have atrophied from disuse. However, once exercised, abilities and muscles tend to remember their function.

Are you simply curious about what the future holds, or do you intend to influence it? Influence is not manipulation. The future is not yet, not now, and some would say it does not even exist, but those who have experienced it know otherwise. It is true that it is yet unformed, but it does exist. It exists because we are interested in life and its continued existence.

I plan to bake bread tomorrow. I can see myself mixing the ingredients together and placing the loaf-shaped dough into the oven. I can almost smell and taste the bread, see its golden color. All the separate ingredients are still on my pantry shelf, but I see them as (almost) bread. I know there will be bread tomorrow and I will have enough to share with others. What if tomorrow does not arrive or does not include me? The bread I baked already exists as a thought that already has form. Others will benefit from my good intentions. Tomorrow there will be bread to share, and I will have helped.

This, of course, is an overly simplified future event. but the working part of this example is not so different than the laws that govern problem-solving, or those that grant access to other worlds.

Access to the future is also found through the now. Now is just that. It is not a place. It is not found on the hour or minute hand of a clock. It is not fixed. It simply is. That is where the future is, too. It exists in the now because we exist in the now. If seeing is believing, you may be unsuccessful. If believing is seeing, you will understand.

I would still suggest that you have a purpose greater than self-interest as you visit and explore the future. Can you imagine a future that is more whole than what we are experiencing today? Perhaps you will make it so. Can you offer a message of relief or kindness to whatever exists in the future, even if it does not yet exist in form? Please do! I encourage you and everyone you trust to investigate the future whenever possible, or whenever an opportunity is present. Make the future more enjoyable for yourself and others.

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