Spirit Guides: Hard at Work or Hardly Working?

(Q) Why would any being who has evolved beyond the 3D human plane want to be a spirit guide for someone on earth? If it were me, I’d run as far as I could in the opposite direction.

(A) Oh no! Really? I’ll have to remember not to request you. Seriously, you are not the first person to think this or to say it out loud. There are many versions of anywhere but here, anything but this. I have my own favorites.

Here is a surprise. Instead of answering your question, I offered a nearby guide the opportunity to answer it. Help is usually closer than we think, sometimes just a thought away. It helps to trust in this idea and the guidance it brings. That’s the hardest part. The second hardest part is acting on advice we receive when the answer is not what we hoped for.

Here are some words from a trusted friend: Your question and others like it are in the top one hundred most frequently asked, especially during the contemporary turmoil that surrounds your world. It can be off-putting to be told to hunker down and weather the storm. We will continue using the “we” pronoun. You may make of that what you will. It is not relevant to what follows.

As a human you see the human condition from a human point of view. Your attempts to look inward are commendable, but mostly you look out onto a world that is uncertain, even in the best of times.

We are not standing in your (human) shoes. When we look upon and within you, the world appears as a backdrop or stage. We have advantages that are not available to you, including a deeper understanding of your past, present, and future. We see you as a dynamic, creative, fluid-like energy. We see you at your best, which is why you sometimes feel that spirit does not comprehend your predicament. This is known.

To be clear, we are not tour guides or teachers. We do not have wisdom that you cannot access by other means. We do have clarity, and this we share to the degree it is welcomed. Where you see failures, we see well-crafted attempts. What you describe as stagnation, we call a pause. This is advantageous to you. How would it be if we said, “Say Buddy, that’s a tough spot you’ve gotten yourself into. You’ve been here before, haven’t you? What say you figure it out yourself this time?”

So, we are your companions in spirit. A companion is not a friend per se, it is more like a scout – an awareness that is attached to you for life. You can ignore or dismiss us, but nothing would change. It is a lifetime commitment, sometimes broader or longer. You are accustomed to individual relationships and one-on-one counseling. We are not that. We are you when you are being you. That is why we cannot be separated. In effect, we are joined.

We have access to the map you drew. We follow the instructions you set forth. The map and instructions can be edited or redrawn. Consciousness is the key. If that key does not fit, another is held safely within your unconscious. If that key fails, another is in your heart, but it is a painful entry point. There are other ways to reach you, other beings, teachers, ancestors, and friends. You may feel alone, but you are not. As that is clear, we will continue.

It is a human misconception that guides, or teachers (of any sort) have drawn the short straw. We are attached to you but not stuck with you. Being a guide to humankind, individually and collectively, is not penance for misdeeds. We do not sit on clouds watching human traffic pass this way and that. We do not gather to say, “there goes another poor bastard wasting a perfectly good opportunity.”  We do not trade stories for sport or place bets on whether “she will blow it again.” The foregoing is said in humor, but it is also quite true. Please remember that you are not mice in a maze, especially in these accelerated times.

We strengthen your skills and help you develop new ones. We point the way to the next opportunity and when possible, help you open it. The space that you occupy may not understand divinity, but it does understand consciousness, and this is where our energy is well spent.

The space you move in and out of with a breath and a heartbeat is alive with beingness. This is what we follow. Strong or faint, your heartbeat is a beacon. We also communicate with your body. Every part of you has a reason and a right to be. When you mistreat your body, your spirit suffers. When you ignore spirit, your body feels pain. When you ignore your heart, you silence it.

These are obstacles to be sure. It is difficult to pierce a tough exterior. We consider this our failure, not yours. Our experience of failure is not like yours; it is not the opposite of success. It means that we must find an alternative. This is invigorating work!

We are not in service to your personality and its cravings. We are not night crew janitors come to clean up your mess while you sleep. The human (body) sheath you wear prevents you from seeing this clearly. The sheath is your outer layer, you are within that. That is the “you” we are devoted to. At any given moment there is a coterie of good counsel for you to draw on.

Our “why” is that this is a fine way to be of service. It is interactive and allows us to enter various dimensions on an errand of love, our true motivator. It is not love in the way you understand it. It is love for creator and creation. In serving you, we serve the Divine. We prompt you to remember the primacy of spirit. You need no further justification for being you.

From Pepper: Were you touched by spirit? I hope so. This is my “why.” Not long ago, I watched an interesting movie. Nine souls are being interviewed for one life on earth that has become available. At first confused, the nine candidate souls begin to really want the human life as they discover that they will be able to feel everything. I won’t say too much about it in case you want to view it (link below) but the candidates who are not picked are just as interesting as the one that is. If you watch it, let me know what you think.

Nine Days Movie (2020): https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10451852/

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