Preventing Earthquakes 101

(Q)Can guides, teachers, entities, etc., prevent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters? This would seem especially helpful now.

(A) Pepper: I was twelve years-old the first time I asked the same question. It was just after my first earthquake experience in 1971. Already enamored with earth mother, I wondered how she could allow this to happen. I had already vowed to care for earth, and to work on what I thought was “the small stuff.” I saw everything as preventable, and I believed that somewhere, someone had the power to do something about major problems and events.

I thought about it again in 1994 after another devastating earthquake changed the course of my life. This time I was angry. I was already channeling then, doing my part to improve the quality of people’s lives. I didn’t expect any great reward for my work, but a heads-up would have been nice. From time to time, I still ask the same question in a different way and for a different reason.

This is a popular question and I’m glad you asked it. I know the answer by now, but it seems to evolve as we do. The answer has never been the same twice, so I would never offer a blanket answer on behalf of Gaia or assume that I know what she would say. So many things are changing now, especially in the natural and elemental realms. This is a perfect time to ask again.

(A) Gaia: The quick answer is Yes, No, Maybe, and Sometimes. The answer is never, Never. A more complete answer follows.

Although you think of earth as solid and stable beneath your feet, it is not. It only seems so. The reality that seems most real to you follows the laws of physics, which describes the properties by which physical things exist. Theoretical physics goes a step further. It postulates extended possibilities, or how physics might respond, or change given new discoveries or criteria. Metaphysics goes beyond that. It explores probabilities that go beyond the ordinary laws of physics. It employs the neuroplasticity of the mind to imagine a more inclusive reality, one that is less solid. Like physics, metaphysics can be explored and experienced, it is a living science.

In answer to your question, the laws of physics would say No, theoretical physics would say Maybe but not today, Metaphysics would say Sometimes given the right conditions and a flexible understanding of reality. Which answer best describes you?

Shall we push on? Good! Consider the following: Why would or should these calamities be prevented?

If you went on safari, you would expect to see wild animals in their own environment, doing whatever is most natural. If you sailed on a ship you might expect to encounter rough seas. If you set about climbing the tallest peak, you would prepare to be challenged by nature.

In each of these examples you would expect nature to be nature. Interestingly, once you build a city and a home to live in that requires electricity, running water, a flushing toilet, and other modern conveniences, your reality shifts and you quickly become accustomed to this as the norm; the way things are and will continue to be. When circumstances change or events run contrary to this reality, you wonder what went wrong, whose fault it is, whose job it is to fix it, and how such a thing should happen to you. It is not difficult to accept the idea that natural catastrophes do happen, but why here, or now, or to you!

When you flip a switch, the light goes on. Twist the faucet knob and hot water is delivered, but
Earth, elements, sentience, kingdoms, etc., respond to natural rather than artificial cues. They appear tame and domesticated in your reality, but they are not. Truth be told, earth is in a dangerous neighborhood and offers shorter life spans than many other worlds. Even so, the wait list to visit here is long. Those who can, make reservations ahead of time.

Life on earth is a series of chaotic moments strung together like pearls on a necklace. Each pearl is a unique aberration that began as a minor irritant to the oyster. Over time, the oyster has learned to coat its interior with nacre to protect its soft inner lining. Once the pearls have been polished, strung, and knotted, order reappears. The necklace is then artfully constructed and appealing to the eye, but its natural state remains chaotic. The necklace is a physical representation of your environment, artificially ordered on the outside, wild, and chaotic within.

Earthquakes and other natural phenomena are a meeting point of inner and outer layers. They are what wild animals are when they are not posing for the safari jeep. They are reminders of what is real. Earthquakes and other natural phenomena are a meeting point of inner and outer layers. They are what wild animals are when they are not posing for the safari jeep. They too, are reminders of what is real.

The movements, shifts in current, wetting, and drying of earth are natural cycles. Your breath comes and goes in a constant rhythm that varies according to your level of activity. Any obstruction, such as choking on a morsel of food can quickly become a life-or-death situation. Likewise, a fall in the tub or any number of accidental unrehearsed moments. Life is a series of dangerous events. You understand this intellectually, but the introduction of surprise can be shocking. In your humble opinion, earthquakes may seem unnecessary and avoidable. They are also beyond your control.

Knowing that most events are out of your control is an uncomfortable fact, especially if you were raised to believe otherwise. At the opposite end of the spectrum is the belief that catastrophic events are God’s will or punishment of some sort. Somewhere between absolute control of every situation and event, and no control whatsoever, lies a vast and creative territory.

You do have the means to make decisions in cooperation with earth and its elements, including severe weather, but cooperation between the human kingdom and others is little seen today. Ancient knowledge is falling between history’s cracks, and it may be some time before it is rediscovered.

In your day-to-day reality it is no longer possible to pick up your home and set it down in a safer environment, away from active tectonic plates. These ancient warriors have been bumping into each other for eons, taking and giving ground, rearranging the continents to their better liking, and then falling into a long sleep. Of course, you cannot see it this way, but you have ringside seats to some long-awaited bouts.

It is understandable that you would not want to move inland from the coveted coastal vistas. But a dream come true can lead to eventual disasters despite your fortifications. So be it.  But if matters not the warnings, protection is in the hands of the devas. Clear it is that life is complicated and becoming more so. The same is true for earth. This is a complex and challenging time for all beings, within, without, and beyond the margins.

Now, back to your original question: Can Gaia and/or other beings prevent events that are catastrophic to human life? Sometimes. It depends on the origin and purpose of the event. When events are prevented from occurring, they may take place elsewhere, or become a series of events instead of one, or combine with other elements to make something new. You see this happening now in places and times previously unknown.

Think now. How many times have you heard that a certain geographic area was overdue for a high-magnitude event? Could the fact that this and other events have not happened be considered an act of prevention or intervention? These facts are rarely taken into consideration. Should we assume it is just luck?

Events cannot be completely prevented, but they can be averted, pacified, attended to. There is no current way for you to know when this is possible. To remember-learn it again involves a deep trust and respect for nature and the forces that command (not control) it. There is science behind it too, but not enough to satisfy funding of such endeavors. Today, the idea would be tossed onto the pseudo-science pile, a repository of goodwill and future ideas.

Another problem you are faced with is that some parts of the earth are more malleable than others. They will bend when others would break. Viewed from where you stand, the results would seem very skewed. It would look like a certain people or country was favored above others. Boundaries of course, are artificial constructions and hold no bearing on how elements are arranged.

Yes, events can be rearranged, elementally speaking. Solids can be made liquid and vice-versa. Currents of air can be thermal or not. Water can be held back or made to temporarily flow in a different direction. This work is already taking place on scene and behind the scenes. Some of the work is good, but most is more manipulative than cooperative. If the elements could for just a moment be given voice they would say, “We are your companions. Why treat us inhumanely? Cannot you see that you are putting yourselves at risk?” This is a hard-earned lesson for humanity, which still elevates and separates itself from nature.

Humanity’s attempts to control one environment is putting others at risk. It cannot all be attributed to unconsciousness unless we call it deliberate unconsciousness. When foreknowledge is ignored or wasted, ability to prevent events falls into the Maybe, or Not-Likely category.

The most important thing you can do for yourself and for the planet is to understand the elements – how do they interact with you? Establish two-way communication with any element or kingdom of your choice. Listen and learn from them. What does nature’s early warning system look like, feel like, sound like?

Can you use your own natural abilities to prevent or diminish personal distress? Can you help others to do the same? If you are asking these questions on your own behalf, would you help others in a similar situation? It cannot be emphasized enough that the way forward must include We, Us, Many, All.

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