Introducing Gaia’s Voice

In case you are new to my previous work, Gaia’s Voice was a subscription audio program that ran for several years. Inspired by Gaia, we explored many subjects and approached them from a variety of perspectives – everything from Death & Dying to the Birth of a Soul. We explored past and present systems of money, future cities, and the mystery of nature’s kingdoms. No subject was off the table. When I took a break from channeling, Gaia’s Voice was the last to go – it meant so much to all of us.

Now, with your encouragement and support, Gaia’s Voice is back, and I am eager to share it with you. A channeled introduction from Gaia is linked here. It is titled, Crosswinds, Crossroads, Crosshairs. I recently said to a friend that only Gaia can make an “I Told You So” sound like an invitation to a gala event.

A monthly subscription is $25. It will include LIVE chats a few times a year and access to the vast library of recordings as they become available. (I was careless in how I saved them, and the files need to be updated to the latest technology).

I am offering a discounted price of $20 to past subscribers and early adopters. The discount will be good for at least one year but will only be available for a short time. The discount code is GAIA20 and will only work through this link:

New issues will be available for download on the 5th of every month. Upcoming issues will include new information about UFOs, where do we look for spirituality now, a bold look at gender roles and sexuality, and an update on the future of channeling. If you have questions related to these subjects, send them to me. If I receive them in time they will be included in the channeled talks.

If you can’t subscribe now, or don’t want to, we will continue to publish audio excerpts, especially those that affect these unique times. You will also have access to most previous recordings. They are a vault of guidance and information. Gaia is for everyone.

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