Gaia’s Message to the World, circa 2002

I am the nonphysical sentience of this planet. A sentience guides and enlivens its composite planet and the space that surrounds it. My sentience animates planetary resources, keeping them available and compatible with most life forms. It is also responsible for seasons, climate, and the aggregate of elements that together are called, Earth. The kingdoms and elements, including humanity, form the physical body of earth. All contribute to adjustments and changes in earth’s shape, form, and purpose.

The earth’s physical body, which includes resources and functions, is not the same as the author of these words, but thinking they are, may be easier for you. Your physical vehicle is not the author of your most peaceful and profound thoughts, but it is helpful to consider yourself you in all perspectives. Today, this celestial body is called planet Earth. It is also known by other names, ancient and modern.

My messages are dedicated to your understanding and use. Your unique response, even when delayed, is welcomed. Phrases are arranged to draw your attention to what is most important at this time. Reading these messages on different days and environments will yield different results. The journey already underway is significant. It should be apparent by now that it asks much from many.

The digital era presents opportunities that were not available in prior times. It also presents unique challenges that will be confronted as they occur. For instance, most forms of communication travel effortlessly, but not clearly. The continuous volume makes messages repetitive and inconsequential. Information has birthed misinformation further complicating an already uneven field, thus great care will be taken in how my sentience communicates with your essential self.

Wisdom is plentiful. An abundance of wisdom is available in every language, culture, and continent. Under similar circumstances, well-intentioned innocents hid wisdom where they could. Many are finding their way to you. Wisdom often travels undetected, cloaked in the mystery and concussion of these times.

The messages I bring are not new, but you will hear them as if for the first time. Messages will be constructed in the first person rather than in second or third voice, which is less personal. You may interpret messages intellectually or experientially depending on your alignment or entanglement with each topic. Together, we will explore an array of subjects, considering them from a variety of perspectives.

Trace the words to their Gaian origin, but you are cautioned not to surround them with a human persona. You may assign a voice to them, but you are cautioned away from the human tendency of assigning a fixed face to that which does not require it. You will find my words most present when you are most present, fully inhabiting mind and body, aware of the heart, which speaks for the soul. This is but one of many paths that crisscross your heart on the way to Source/All.

Do not absent yourself from discussions pertaining to problems that face humanity and the world. Do not place responsibility upon others or elevate your participatory status. True teachers have no intent to chastise humanity for its present predicament. My messages are not intended to save you or the planet, and they will not prevent upcoming calamities. Even so, there is no adverse condition that cannot be corrected when combined with the right use of will.

What you embrace or reject today will have a significant effect upon the outcome of the proximate years. Timely resources are at your disposal; my sentience is but one. Give equal consideration to all tools and teachers. Your spoken language makes thought-words difficult to translate. Learn to discern, distill, and interpret.

Add authenticity and compassion to what you say and do. Your quest did not begin here and will not end here. Have the willingness and courage to help heal the environment and the world. Abundance, health, and joy will eventually replace confusion, scarcity, and fear.

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