Everything is Absolutely Relative

(Q) Many people say we are near the end of this world or already in the new/next world. Do you know this with absolute certainty? Is there any way to verify it?

(A) Quick answer. No. No one knows with absolute certainty no matter who they are or what they say. We/they also do not know with absolute certainty where we go when we leave this world or where we were before we arrived.

Earth is not an absolute kind of place. In fact, it’s more like the exception to the rule. I think it’s somewhat of a miracle that as a species (humans) we are still here debating whether we were created or evolved from a mixture of organic earth and sky. Are we divine or one step above space junk? Sometimes I think it’s funny. Other times, not so much.

If we remove the word absolute from your question, I think we can have a friendly conversation about it. We have relative certainty that this time is unique as compared to others. There are criteria, physical and metaphysical, that substantiates the factual evidence we are witnessing and experiencing.

Our situation can be described in many ways. Try this one: Geologically speaking, we are in a new age called the Phanerozoic eon, Cenozoic era, Quaternary period, Holocene epoch and Meghalayan age.

Experts tell us our current new age began 4,250 years ago when what was probably a planet wide drought struck Earth (the two ages before this one are the Greenlandian (11,700 years to 8,326 years ago) and the Northgrippian (8,326 years to 4,250 years ago). Without going into too much detail, scientists determine the beginning time for each age by looking at the unique chemical signatures found in rock samples from that time; each signature relates to a big climatic event such as our current one. Geologists and other scientist are paying attention!

Here are a few more factors for you to consider. They are not in any order.

  • Most systems related functions are breaking down to their component parts. They can no longer support each other, or the whole.
  • Economies, currencies, and the financial markets that back them are in jeopardy, artificially held together by the wealthy few who understand how the game is played.
  • World governments are ineffective due to gridlocked agendas, unresolvable conflicts, and insolvent debt.
  • Resources of every kind are in short supply, undependable and contaminated.
  • Social disorder is becoming more tense, drawing almost everyone into the fray. Governments and institutions are not prepared or equipped for insurrections of any kind.
  • We are no longer in sync with Nature and its natural cycles, with the elemental structure of the earth, or with each other. More than ever, we are leaning on artificial technology for almost everything.
  • Established religions and their offshoots are highly polarized. Soft spirituality is ignored, not taken seriously, or persecuted. The face of God is hidden.
  • Astrological symbols and portents point to this time as the shift from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian age. This is usually marked by a battle of sorts, on earth and in the heavens. Pisces fights to keep the old ways going, Aquarius battles to bring in the new (mythical stories are retold to help us remember).
  • Meteors, spacetime messengers, are being seen in alarmingly greater numbers by an increased population. Meteors are messengers of significant change. Long ago it was said that stars fell when an old demon threw hot stones in the sky. A fallen meteorite was called a stone arrow.
  • There is increased interest and activity of UFO/UAP (more on this another time).
  • Unexplained anomalies are showing up in almost every environment, including the psyche and the human body. Answers and/or solutions are not forthcoming.
  • Climatic changes are now called catastrophes. There are no immediate solutions. There is little agreement on intermediate solutions. Long range goals are based on hopes that may never manifest.
  • Recent estimates tell us that species are becoming extinct 1,000 times faster than they used to. Populations of wild animals have declined by more than two-thirds since 1970. Scientists and conservationists call what is happening now the Sixth Mass Extinction (the fifth wiped out the dinosaurs).
  • Previously unknown plagues and various forms of pestilence are being visited on a variety of species, including humans, at an alarming rate. Some species face biological annihilation.
  • There are, yet, no heroes, no leaders to look to or follow. Younger generations are not inspired to support old regimes. Spirituality and morality hang in the balance.
  • Almost everyone feels that we are in a pause or wait, though no one is sure why. We are moving toward something, and something is moving toward us, perhaps faster than we are prepared for.

What we don’t know is when. I estimate this window can last as little as twenty years and as much as three-hundred years before we know definitively that we are in a new age. That is what I have seen and what has been shown to me. In all honesty, I cannot say for sure that I was seeing earth (365 days) years. Time is a very flexible thing. It is not a one size fits all beings and worlds kind of thing. It can speed up or slow down when other forces are added or subtracted.

I’m curious as to what you based your question on. Are you already tired of hearing that we are in a unique moment in time? I wouldn’t blame you if you were, but it’s too soon for that. We’re going to be hearing about it for a long time, perhaps for the rest of our lives.

Ten years ago, everyone was talking about 2012, December 21, 2012, to be exact. Do you remember? Before then, no one had heard of a calendar that ended on a specific day, especially one that fell in our lifetime. For a while it was fascinating to learn about the Mayan culture and calendar. The Maya were a mathematically advanced in so many ways. Over time, the calendar became a popular subject to talk about. It was raised to iconic status by some and ridiculed by others. By the time Hollywood made it into a disaster-like summer film, the subject took on a life of its own. The film (a commercial success) contributed to the calendar being viewed as a dark portent, a doomsday calendar.

Did anything happen on 12-21-2012? Some say yes. I’m not sure. Did we cross a threshold on that day? Maybe. Did the date indicate an ending, or the beginning of the end times? The Maya were sure they would not be here by then, and they are not. There are a few stragglers left, caretakers of the Mayan legacy. There are always volunteer sentinels near the end, just as there are brave pioneers at the beginning.

I am concerned that the end of this world and the beginning of the next is already being hijacked and used for commercial and political gain. And we are just getting started. This new journey is barely underway.

My understanding is that environments and resources will continue to diminish and deteriorate over a relatively short amount of time. We know, that although we did not set out to trash our world, we all contributed to it. It is time for the world we know to transform into a different, less familiar world.

For a little while longer we are in what I would call a safety zone. Many challenging events are happening, but they are not taking place all at once. But we are no longer protected. Ignorance or arrogance are no longer excuses. We are all exposed. Signs and symbols are everywhere.

Awareness is the key. Now and always. In this world and in others. Aware that we are aware, we can evolve. We are being offered this choice and I think it is a fair one. Every one of us is here because we are needed. We are on the right planet at the right time.





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