Do Warmer Climates Heat Up Spirituality Too?

(Q) Regarding climate change and the warming of the planet, I have heard that everything that is happening is meant to happen; that the increase in heat is necessary to raise vibrations, and the increase in sea levels will cleanse the earth. Is this true? Is this how we get to the next level or is it hogwash – never supposed to happen, isn’t part of our spiritual evolution or that of the earth?


(A) It is not exactly true, but it is not pure hogwash. It is a theory, one of the many that arise almost every day now. Some theories are backed by science, others by scholars in their field, and some by laypeople like you and me. Some of the theories I have heard or read about almost make sense, I can feel my mind wanting to agree with them. Others, not so much. Maybe it’s the same for everyone. One thing is certain, we are all thinking about it now. I can’t think of a single person who isn’t.

It is my understanding that we are both at the end and the beginning of a great planetary cycle in which the sun and all the planets in our solar system participate. This is not unique in earth’s history, or in ours. We (humankind) have gone through many such cycles, as well as others of a different kind. It is written on the earth for all to see – continental shifts, deserts that were oceans and vice versa, and past events that reveal themselves in the largest mountains and the smallest rocks. Even if these were not available, something ancient and instinctual is making us feel and respond differently to this time.

Most of us believed that these events happen gradually, in thousand-year increments. Nothing for us to be concerned about, plenty of time for someone (not me) to do something about it; fix it. But what we are seeing today tells a different story. Many years ago, Gaia suggested that the earth need only wiggle an index finger (figuratively) and the face of the earth would change – hills would become mountains and seas pour out their contents onto thirsty deserts. She said this at a public event. We all took it to heart, but still didn’t believe it would happen in our lifetime. Now I am now sifting through other old messages in search of more clues.

Everything that is happening is happening, so we could say that it was meant to happen. An increase in temperature does not necessarily increase vibration, ours, or Gaia’s. It does force us to examine our day-to-day decisions, because it is happening now, in our immediate future, this lifetime. Some believe it is happening for us, others believe it is happening to us. My current understanding is that our (humanity’s) evolution is conditional – we can make a giant leap forward, and just as ready to throw it all away and start over. I like this theory because it gives me something to do, something to put my energy behind.

Sea levels rise and fall with the freezing or thawing of glaciers and the movement of the continents. We are the dominant species on the earth, and there are a lot of us! That makes us responsible for some of geophysical events on the planet, but not all of them. We now think we could have been better stewards of the earth though most of us are still pointing fingers at different versions of them. That will probably continue, but there is a lot we can do. We don’t have to wait for more signs before at least intending a different action, a different direction, or a different dimension. Our spiritual development does not hinge on this, but I believe it would give us a big boost.

Long ago, dinosaurs were the dominant species on earth. There were a lot of them. They were not responsible for the change that obliterated them, but their size was not very conducive to earth’s program. I would never enter a dialogue with anyone about whether the meteor that forever changed the longevity of the dinosaurs and the future of the earth was accidental or ordained, but experience tells me that things that are destined to happen, do happen.

And now it is our turn to test out our theories in real time by thinking thoughts and making decisions that benefit more than ourselves. It’s too late to think in terms of saving our skin, so to speak. Instead, we can get busy improving our conditions as well as those of our companions. Family and friends are counting on us consciously and unconsciously because we are awakened to the situation and able to respond. Plants, animals, and most of nature is counting on us – not because we screwed up and need to fix it, but because we can. Not only are we the dominant species on earth, but we are also awake, aware, and able.

This kind of ‘next level thinking’ is where I believe our spiritual future lies. This is how we get to the next level – it’s not a given, not automatic, and not for everyone. There is no imperative, spiritual or otherwise, that says this is what we must do to cross the finish line. This isn’t our ticket to heaven or to the next dimension, but it is a way through our current predicament. And we have been here before.

The rise in sea levels is of benefit to some species and detrimental to others. We have all seen the photos of polar bears struggling without ice. This is not Gaia’s idea of cleansing. Millions of people will be displaced in the next several years. Resources will dry up in many parts of the world. Extinctions will continue to happen; unexplainable pandemics will rise and fall. The earth doesn’t really need to be cleansed, but we do. And as we cleanse away the paradigm that is ending, the earth will also be lifted into the next dimension, or level as you say, evolution on a planetary scale.

So, what you are hearing is not hogwash, but lightwash. It is a puffy way to look at our situation. We have been here before. We have won and lost our place upon the earth many times. Civilizations rise and fall as often as the oceans do. We are timeless beings currently exploring this paradigm to the fullest, even if it implodes on us. We deserve credit for that. I believe we can weave our way through the tangled web that we have grown up with and make music along the way.

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