Do People or Pets Make Better Friends?

Q. Do you think people or pets make better friends?

A. I was asked this question on a panel discussion once and totally fumbled it! Let me try again. I have had a good dog bite me and a good friend growl at me, so not much difference there. People and pets have both scratched me, but to my knowledge neither has bit me.

Basically, we need both people and pets in our life more than we need things. I believe that we all desire similar qualities – loyalty, companionship, affection, compatibility, etc. History has shown that domesticated animals have lived alongside humans as companions (pets) for a very long time. We’ve all had difficult pets and difficult people in our lives. Others may think the same of us.

As to which is better, I think people make better friends and pets make better companions. For better or worse, people belong to the human kingdom. And although it is sometimes more difficult than we would like to make or maintain friendships, they are worthwhile. Without human relationships we would perish. That being said, there have been times in my life when I have been alone save for the love of a cat and dog. It would not be an exaggeration to say that they saved my life.

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