Be It Ever So Humble or When In Doubt, Listen to Your Mother

You are being asked to go to a deeper level. As always, It is a request not a demand. It is time to extend your perceptors. This must be accomplished slowly. The process is like that of a diver regulating his breathing before descending further. Divers learned this adaptation from aquatic animals like seals and dolphins that can dive deep and stay underwater for extended periods by slowing other functions.

In the meantime, continue to re-enchant yourself with the practice of channeling. Remember that it has always been an endowment, not a gift that is given only to be yanked away later. Your endowment did not begin in this world where every increase is hard-won and easily lost. You only believed it did.

Hear me. Now hear me again. Prepare now for future messages that will challenge your cooperation to share them. You will protest, believing it is your responsibility to balance and bear difficult subjects before sharing them with others. This is not your task, it is mine. Trust the process as you always have, then give others the opportunity to do the same. Do not edit, shortcut, or sweeten the words I draw from your mind’s vocabulary. The time for easing into difficult subjects is past. Do not concentrate your effort on those who even after repeated enticements to awaken yet slumber even more deeply. There is no shortage of teachers who offer succor and support.

Assume a rightful, not righteous outlook in every endeavor. Do not acquire a title, not even an honorific one. You are master of nothing and senior by chance. What is there to claim? Vibratory distinctions are but varied versions of the same light. Matters not who is ascending dimensions two at a time as if they were stairs. As always, you are among friends. They are not your cohorts; they are your family.

Your task, simply stated, is to give clear voice to what you receive as it flows into and through you. The first undertaking is to expand on the known. The second is to clarify inaccuracies, miscalculations, and obscurations that would prevent a new foundation stone from being fitted into place.

The way forward may be difficult, the steps unsteady. Even so, permit the windows and doors of your being to remain open. Brave your skills. Expect and accept small discomforts as they will surely find you. Surround yourself with those who are genuinely interested in your wellbeing. Care for your senses, broad and subtle. Do not let your visioning carry you too far afield, especially now that earth’s magnetic fields have been weakened by escalating world events. This is not an admonition, only a reminder as your promises in this area have not been consistent.

Breathe into your body until you feel it everywhere, especially in your head. Expand and contract your lungs until all that is erratic calms of its own accord. Mark your words with care. Before speaking, whisper them to the wind and you will know if they bear repeating.

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