A Puzzle from Gaia

This is a first. As I was working on another project, I was interrupted and asked to take dictation. This is the result, a riddle of sorts.

It is meant for everyone so feel free to jump in. I have no idea what the answer(s) are. I assume they will come later, hopefully in time for the next newsletter.

Four friends meet at a crossroads.
Then two unfriends arrive.
A quarrel ensues.
What happens next?

Four friends meet a crossroads.
Suddenly two off-planet aliens arrive.
Two of the friends can see the aliens, the other two cannot.
What happens next?

Four friends meet at a crossroads.
Two believe it is the end of the world.
They have come to say goodbye.
The other two are sure the new world is beginning.
They have come to invite the others to join them.
What happens next?

What do these events have in common?

Email me your answers, guesses and comments.

The use of the word unfriend* is Gaia’s. My computer substituted enemy, and then adversary, but Gaia wouldn’t have it. Unfriend: An acquaintance whose friendship could have developed, but somehow didn’t. A friend who consumes a great deal of energy and resources and rarely, if ever, returns the favor. A friend who would not stand up for you, even in minor situations. A friend who has an agenda other than friendship, or does not have your best interests at heart. A friendship that is overly unbalanced in a variety of ways that have not improved over time. A friend whose idea of friendship is substantially different from your own.

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