5G: Now or Never?

For better and worse we are firmly in the age of technology. There’s no going back. I’m going to begin with the same words you will see again near the end of this article: Technology wins. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that the Piscean Age is ending in less than graceful ways. The struggle between the old and the new is unfolding before us in spectacular fashion; we are both witness and participant. Crossing over into Aquarius will continue to be tumultuous. What does the precession of the equinoxes have to do with 5G? Mostly that 5G is a technology game changer; the key that unlocks the door to all the future tech we have been reading about like driverless cars, biometrics, instant medical scans and more. It has also been described as a thinly disguised weapon that can cause cancer, damage corneas, and surface-burn skin, just to name a few. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a topic arouse so much caution and suspicion.

By now, we are all familiar with 4G, or 4th generation mobile phone technology, which delivers faster connectivity to the mobile world. It makes sense that 5G would be its successor, like a new version of an operating system. And that is what proponents of 5G want you to believe. But 5G goes far beyond that. When fully deployed it will use facial recognition technology to monitor and guide driverless vehicles and automatically call emergency first responders. Eventually 5G will use biometrics to detect much more.

There are positives to be sure, especially given the uncertainty of our daily lives. Fewer lives may be lost if medical assistance arrives sooner. What about the negatives? There are many. 5G employs millimeter waves, microwaves, and other new technologies that we know very little about. So far, the only tests performed have been on rats and mice, and there are not many to speak of. The results (that we know of) are inconclusive. We can still create a little distance between ourselves, power transformers and current mobile phone antennas, but we won’t be able to do that with 5G. 5G is a true connectivity network; it must be connected to almost everything to keep things running smoothly. Unlike large towers, 5G pods are small and easily mounted to most structures. Before long they will be everywhere.

5G will be introduced as an Internet time saver, security assistant, health monitor and more. For better and worse smartphones, homes, computers, televisions, cameras, and even cities can now become something more sinister. We may consider these personal items, but by now we should admit to knowing that they serve multiple purposes and parties. Opponents of 5G strongly believe that it induces cellular stress and poses an increased cancer risk. There have been incidents involving large quantities of birds dropping dead near new 5G zones. It has not been proven that 5G was to blame. Health scientists theorize that the technology behind 5G may cause structural and functional changes to the reproductive system, especially in men. There is also preliminary evidence of an increase in harmful free radicals, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being. As of yet, there is no specific evidence that shows this is true, mainly because tests have not been performed on human beings.

5G is already in some cities across the globe, though not at full capacity. Opponents of 5G tech and the marketers who have their ear have already introduced anti-facial recognition masks, clothing, and other cloaking devices designed to make the wearer transparent or unidentifiable. More low-tech and hi-tech gear will follow. The controversy over this new tech is in full swing. Recently, the information/misinformation pipeline linked 5G with COVID-19, triggering a backlash that resulted in several towers being burned to the ground.

Scientists in Europe have invoked the precautionary principle, which enables a rapid response in the face of possible danger to human, animal, or plant health, or to protect the environment. When scientific data does not permit a complete evaluation of the risk, this principle can be used to stop distribution or order the withdrawal of products that are likely to be hazardous. This sounds official and effective, but the burden of proof is still with consumers and those who represent them. If the tables were turned, the producer would be required to prove the absence of danger, but that is currently not the case.

But is 5G a weapon? Not now. Not yet. But it can become one. Its potential is built into the system. One of the main differences between weapons and weaponized technology is that weapons kill, while weaponized technology neutralizes. The military often uses this word to describe an enemy that has been rendered ineffective or harmless. Use of this technology may help service personnel be more certain before confronting suspects, but will it make an already bad situation worse? And if/when this new technology neutralizes the wrong person, who will we blame?

Privacy issues are next on the list. 5G will use the latest visual enhancement detection technology. Is that another way to say that we will be spied on? Probably, yes. This is not new information and to be fair, we were warned. Edward Snowden and other whistleblowers clued us in. The Patriot Act also spells it out, but now it’s here. And it’s not just about watching them, now they will be watching us too. So here is a question for you: Would you be willing to give up your smart phone in exchange for doing away with 5G? Could you live without GPS and everything else you have become accustomed to? Some will answer yes, but the majority will say no. We prefer the convenience tech offers. Most of us are hooked. And that is just one of the reasons why this technology will move forward, assuming its place in our daily life. Most people will approve of the value it offers and take their chances with the unproven risks.

Expect resistance and pushback from both sides on this issue. Civil actions will cause delays in some major cities and many smaller ones, but these will not stall the momentum for long. 5G has been in the works for a long time, just one part of a technological array that will appear in quick succession. 5G is just now unrolling and 6G will follow. Questions will be answered, and merited objections will be evaluated, but in the end 5G will go forward. It is also likely that our attention will be elsewhere given what we know and do not know about our strange new post-pandemic world. Public opinion is as divided on this issue as it is on almost everything these days. 5G may yet be the proverbial line in the sand as far as how much the public will bear, post quarantine. And as I said early on, technology, regardless of it is use will win at the end of the day. At least for now.

I am not a “prepper” or a prophet. I simply look around and see “what is.” And when I’ve seen enough, I share it with you. I am not an activist and barely qualify as an environmentalist. If I were, I would be an advocate for our natural environment and its shrinking resources. My sign would read, Humanity’s need and greed has outpaced our mother’s ability to re-source and replenish herself. I would take a deep bent back stance on the world’s food, water, and medicine supply. I would link arms with friends and neighbors and stand toe-to-toe in support of pollinators that are diminishing at an alarming rate. As an activist I would lend my voice to these issues and more. But today I sit at my desk, fixated on the fact that in addition to all the challenges we already face, our endangered human race continues to harm and kill one another. We must show the world that life is nurturing, meaningful, and inspiring; that compassion and compromise can rise above peril and punishment. If not, we will discover that we are disposable, if not extinct.

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