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La vida después de la Canalización: El viaje continúa

Queridos amigos, familia y compañeros, Durante los últimos 20 años ha sido mi alegría y privilegio el compartir el mensaje sabio y compasivo de la consciencia de nuestro planeta tierra contigo. Porque nos gusta nombrar a casi todo, llegamos a llamarla a "ella" Gaia, un nombre íntimo y accesible que recuerda a la antigua Grecia […]

Life After Channeling:
The Journey Continues

Dear Friends, Family and Companions, For the last 20 years it has been my joy and privilege to share the wise and compassionate messages of our sentient planet earth with you. Because we like to name almost everything, we came to call “her” Gaia, an intimate and accessible name reminiscent of Ancient Greece and other […]

2013: The World is a Community

2012, a pivotal year that will be seen as the gateway and threshold of change, will be over before we know it. No other year received as much attention as 2012 did.   Gaia once said that in 2012 we would be “washing our floors with tears of ignorance and polishing them with the paste […]

The Power of Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals

  Sacred Ceremony + Ritual Response = Freedom/Release. This is one of the simplest, yet most overlooked equations.  The earth benefits and rejoices in it, and it is a gift for our body, mind and spirit. May is a perfect and important month for regenerating our life force and the animas vigoras, an ancient term for […]

Q&A with Gaia and Pepper

I read and appreciate all your comments and questions. I cannot reply to them individually at this time, but here are a few wonderful examples of what you are thinking and feeling. Enjoy! A warm hug, Pepper Lewis Dear Gaia: A friend of mine heard you describe 2012 as a year of “reversals”. Could you […]

2012: The Event Horizon Awaits

By Mother Earth/Gaia through Pepper Lewis The world that you have known, for better and worse, now prepares to yield to the next as the spacetime boundaries of this world are near bursting. The horizon that you see or imagine is flexible and can easily bend, much as you imagine light can bend and reshape […]

Channeling: an art, science and mystery, available to everyone

I discovered channeling at a very young age. It opened up a new world for me, one that merged wisdom with compassion, and love with understanding. I quickly learned that invisible guides and teachers were just as real as ones that I could see. I knew that I could touch and be touched profoundly by […]

Dam(ning) the World’s Resources

Is it true that Brasil plans to build as many as 60 dams along the Amazon? Can they do that? Will you allow it? The earth (my body) is rich in bio-diversity of every kind. Every kingdom and element of the earth is supported by my sentience so that its uniqueness can be expressed in […]

Conspiracies & Cover-Ups

My friend and I disagree on the subject of conspiracies, secret government plots, covert organizations, and more. My friend attributes almost everything that affects the planet or humanity adversely to something sinister, both on and off planet that is designed to control us. I don’t want to believe this, but my friend thinks I am […]