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Why do people call Mother Earth, Gaia? Mother Earth is the sentience or soul of our planet. She is that which animates the planet, gives it purpose and makes life on Earth possible. Gaia (also spelled Gaea) is an appellation; a name or title by which something is known. In many mythologies, a primal goddess was the source of creation. According to the ancient Greeks the Earth Mother, Gaia, emerged from the great darkness called Chaos. Gaia gave birth to the sky, the plants and the animals. She became Mother Earth, mother of all living things.

Does Mother Earth mind being called Gaia? No. She has been known by many different names and by many different cultures and civilizations. The rich and imaginative stories of ancient Greece included theories about life, death and the wonders of nature. Mythology personified an archetypal mother goddess called Gaea who helped and guided humanity in a spirit of partnership and cooperation. Although attempts to personify the earth does not do it justice, the reverence and stewardship embraced by the ancient Greeks still warms Mother Earth to the core. Gaia is simply a name that suggests affection and respect for the natural world.

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