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Dear Friends, Family and Companions,

For the last 20 years it has been my joy and privilege to share the wise and compassionate messages of our sentient planet earth with you. Because we like to name almost everything, we came to call “her” Gaia, an intimate and accessible name reminiscent of Ancient Greece and other olden times when god-like beings communed with mere mortals like you and me. And this was perfect, because more than anything, Gaia wanted us to feel connected to our life and purpose here – to the elements and kingdoms of which we are a part.

Although I was already channeling before my first encounter with Gaia, everything changed from that moment on. Gaia became my primary teacher and I could not have asked for better – she opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart. You might think that I received more than my fair share of guidance during this time, but I came to realize that Gaia has a knack for showing us how to discover our own answers by pointing us in the right direction. She wants us to claim the victory of discovery – her stake in the claim is to be present for the “aha” moment. If you are lucky enough to have had a private session with Gaia or have attended a seminar, you probably know what I mean.

I have spent the last several years traveling around the world presenting and animating Gaia’s wisdom. I cannot begin to tell you what this has meant to me – thousands of hours during which I have learned, grown and become more aware of the true meaning of life. These years have been filled with special moments, tears and laughter, smiles and sighs. In sharing Gaia’s words I have discovered firsthand what her wisdom represents to people all over the world. My many blessings include an extended family that spills over borders and boundaries, where language is no barrier and bridges to hearts and minds are everywhere  – a truly marvelous adventure!

We live in interesting and exciting times – they afford us important glimpses into our past, visions of distant futures, and opportunities to create meaningful change in our own lifetime. Ever present and patient, Gaia has inspired new projects and ideas, instilled courage, helped to suppress fear, and shined a spotlight into corners and crevices that we overlooked or dared not look. Deeply satisfied, I felt fortunate to have found work that I truly enjoyed. And yet our journey leads ever onward, sometimes even circling back to revisit what we might have missed or to reveal new opportunities. I have always thought it wise to continue on before becoming too comfortable or complacent – too sure or proud of our accomplishments, which is more often a statement of where we are than who we are.


Channeling often mystifies people. From the outside looking in it can seem exotic and potent, something only gifted or spiritually advanced individuals can access. As special as channeling may seem, it can best be described as a semi-mechanical process that allows our ordinary conscious mind to gracefully yield first to the innocence of the subconscious mind and then to the elegant wisdom of the super-conscious mind. We all have sensory “keys” that can quickly unlock and free our intuition from where it has been sequestered or ignored. The same keys open the storehouses of knowledge that we have been seeking. Good channeling, real channeling, begins here and we can all access it. Just imagine what our world would be like if we were taught this when we were growing up!

Our intuition is like a perfectly designed shuttle bus that travels easily across a bridge or gap that otherwise appears as an impossible divide. Just beyond the place where our ordinary mind thinks it will surely fall into an abyss and dissolve into nothingness, the shuttle suddenly veers left or right altogether avoiding the chasm of destruction. If we choose to, this is where we will encounter spirit guides, teachers and angels. Where we go from here and how we choose to use this awareness is an individual matter. I have taught beginning, intermediate and advanced How to Channel classes around the world with verifiable results. The basic technique is almost always the same, the difference being the intensity of desire that offsets our prevailing fears and beliefs. We tend to think of channeling as a spiritually advanced method of communication, yet my teachers have often described it as rudimentary, akin to children playing telephone with two tin cans connected by a cord or wire. But we can’t help ourselves, we want to see and touch whatever lies beyond the veil, and channeling is one of the ways we do that.

At a certain point channeling no longer held the same appeal for me, it was as if I was beginning to outgrow it. I wanted to know what was further down the road. I wanted to know who our teacher’s teachers were, and what they knew. I became less interested in tomorrows and yesterdays, past lives and future predictions. Curiosity became a mild obsession and eventually I could think of little else. If sacrifices were required, I was willing to make them. When we are very determined nothing can stop us, but that doesn’t mean that our determination will be quickly or easily rewarded.


The process of going beyond the known turned out to be as simple and mechanical as channeling, but the risk/reward features were arranged differently. My first encounter was with a labyrinth of sorts, one that summoned uncertainty and fueled fears. I felt lost within the labyrinth, it held fast and did not yield. My awareness urged me on, but I only saw a tangled web, a maze that led nowhere. I was lightheaded and my body felt as dense as a stack of bricks. Unsure of what to do next I began to set aside the human armaments that we are accustomed to carrying – the ones that make us feel special or important, knowledgeable and wise. When we disrobe we reveal our essential, vulnerable self. To access the unknown we must sometimes leave the known completely behind, and that’s what I did. The labyrinth became an open-ended corridor and I easily crossed its length. I next encountered a maelstrom of energy that I can best describe as an electrical storm. I was swept into it with little warning. Turning back may have been an option, but not one I was willing to consider.

When the storm subsided I found myself in the proverbial “cave of wonders” – the dwelling place of all the glamorous gifts and treasures most of us have longed for. My name was inscribed upon everything so there was little doubt that it was there for me – secrets to esoteric knowledge, ointments for eternal youth, ladders to success and more. I longed to touch these things, to possess them. And then I heard the words, “if you remain steadfast and single in your vision you will find a road that did not previously exist. It will lead to a sanctuary where mind and heart are not separate, but one. The treasure glitters and calls to you, but is sugarcoated with illusion. Look again and see it for what it is. Continue on.” And I did, but it was one of the harder things I have done.

A new road did appear out of nowhere, but it seemed to lead back the way I had come. Was forward the past and backward the future? The road eventually led to an expanded state of awareness, but not the one I had imagined. It led to a more developed, or progressed version of my own mind, what I now call the Inclusive Mind. As the name implies, the Inclusive Mind does not dismiss or cancel abstract or illogical thoughts. Instead, it takes a more modern approach by developing thoughts into ideas and then advancing or “progressing” them through time. It projects them onto the canvas of our ordinary life, allowing us to see thoughts as active possibilities. The Inclusive Mind is where our thoughts and feelings dwell when we are not busy struggling into and out of the problems and situations associated with being human. It supports our dreams and desires and frames them within a creative structure.


Finding myself within the Inclusive Mind was like coming home and helped me to make sense of the ordinary reality we call life. I could see how our abstract, disorganized thoughts create chaos for us, how we work toward something and against it at the same time, and how we veil and screen ourselves from the things we say we want most in life. I saw how different versions of who we think we are slide in and out of plastic, mirror-like imagery, dependent and interdependent upon each other. I experienced our dense thoughts and beliefs and felt their brick and mortar weight as the burdens we carry. We created this separation and then forgot we did; our teachers have been telling us this all along. And yet, juxtaposed between the past and the future, the present moment, our now, is new and pristine every day. It invites us to explore, to create our day or our life anew.

My detailed description of this experience is not designed to showcase it as overly important or special, but to demonstrate that a little curiosity and courage can go a long way! Beyond the lofty realms from where we imagine the highest forms of wisdom emanate, there exists something that is simple, innocent and pure – and we all have it. So to be clear, I did not actually go anywhere or arrive at a new level of enlightenment. I did not meet a new teacher or become a better channel. I was not rewarded for my courage or punished for my audacity. I came home – and home wasn’t somewhere far away or better, it was here. Now, this might not seem like what you’ve been hoping to hear, or what other teachers have been telling you or promising – but it is true – the promised land is not out there, it is here – it is not beyond the planets or stars, it is within reach. You don’t need to have the kind of experience I had to discover the same truth, but you can. Anyone can.


So what changed? Well, almost everything, but not immediately. The thing about having courage is that we don’t always know when we will need it. We all know that the things we fear most rarely materialize or amount to very much. On the other hand, change has a way of sneaking up on us and asking us to be and do the unthinkable. The experience I described took place about two years ago. For a while everything remained about the same except that I could not shake the feeling that I had been given an opportunity to see life from a new perspective, one that eliminated the need to communicate with spirit teachers through channeling.

My new perspective indicated that wisdom could be accessed through our ordinary awareness. There was no need to go to some stylized version of “there” or to adapt our awareness to bring something or someone “here”. I crossed what I thought was a distant horizon and it brought me right back to a more modern interpretation of myself. Home was here and represented by the Inclusive Mind. I was here and represented by the same. Home and I were one and the same. If Home and I were the same, what about Gaia and I, were we one and the same, too? Was channeling spirit teachers, sentient planets, ETs, and Angels also part of the Inclusive Mind? Were the akashic records and libraries, healing modalities and therapies part of the Inclusive Mind? Does Mind act and communicate as the Inclusive Self and if so, can our Inclusive Self access the MIND that is ALL?

I studied these questions privately, rarely speaking about them in public except with a few close friends and mentors. I loved my relationship with Gaia and didn’t want it to change. My relationship with Gaia, the sentient and compassionate face of nature, has always been a deeply personal one – even with hundreds of people in attendance at events, Gaia and I have been as connected as a tree to its roots. I needed time to revisit my new perspective, to be certain that I would arrive at the same conclusion without doubt or default. If I could do it successfully time and again I would stay with it and eventually show others how to do the same – how to skip a step instead of adding one.

Thoughts continued to rearrange themselves and new truths formed around them. The new truths were not strange or distant, but appeared in a different order than our mind is accustomed to. Although I continued to love the warmth and wisdom associated with channeling, I was captivated by the power and sophistication of the Inclusive Mind. I came to understand that our Inclusive Mind contains the experience of channeling, and not the other way around.


Our mind/soul (never separate) has already mapped an individual route to a successful life and stands ready to reroute our path as dictated by the thoughts and choices we make. My discovery revealed that channeling is actually an additional step or overlay. It is a wonderful connection to something we already have. We call our guides and teachers by other names and envision them as above us or just beyond our reach, because it helps us to understand life better. We are afraid to think that we may be 100% responsible for our life, and that yesterday’s thoughts are today’s experiences. We have not been taught how to or reminded often enough that we can access our own higher states of awareness with the same grace and ease as our teachers seem to display through us, but we can!

 Waking up, something many of us have been working on for the last several years, allows us great leeway to explore, learn and grow. Growing up, as most of us have discovered at one time or another, does not always invite the same luxury. My experience has clearly shown me that channeling, regardless of which entity or Master Teacher, what dimension or portal, and all versions of the past, present and future, originate within the Inclusive Mind, also called the Super-Conscious Mind, Third Mind, God-Mind, Soul Mind and more. There is nothing too surprising about this, and depending upon your beliefs it might not change a thing. But I felt that my worldwide work needed to change, because I now knew with certainty that we can all access the same deep wisdom, guidance and truth with or without channeling. Better put, once we better understand that our mind is our ally and the storehouse of almost everything we need and want, channeling becomes unnecessary or redundant, because it already resides within the realm of the Inclusive Mind.

I had placed my relationship and worldwide work with Gaia on a pedestal. The higher I had climbed in my channeling career the taller the pedestal had become, and since I was in no hurry to get down I had not realized just how far off the ground my feet were, so I have spent the last year or so slowly and gently climbing down the ladder instead of up. I have been traveling less and accepting fewer speaking engagements. I stopped writing a monthly column for a channeling magazine, updated the direction of my radio show, completed my commitments to subscribers, and offered fewer personal sessions. Earlier I wrote that we sometimes need great courage to do the unexpected, especially when it is unnecessary – these were not demands, and in each instance the choice was my own. Even so, I felt heartache with each decision and I still feel residues of it today.


2012 was a “wow” year for many. We were all over the place, searching for clues in predictions and prophecies, completing projects, fearful of beginning new ones, and wondering if things would get better or worse next year. My Native American friends would say that 2013 arrived in a quiet and good way, without bells and whistles. It seemed to me that every possible word related to 2012 had been spent, as had every event celebrating the end of one great cycle and transition to the next. Some were disappointed that nothing magical or devastating occurred – after all, almost every prophet, teacher and mystic, including channelers well-known and obscure, had predicted that something would happen. So did it? Well, if you agree with me that change begins within and later demonstrates itself without, then yes. If we can find common ground in the idea that our thoughts create our reality, then yes, collectively we are all creating a new paradigm in which to live. I would like to invite you to see the world in a new and different way by shifting the focus of your thoughts about who and what you are in relation to the world we live in. We are capable of reshaping our selves and our world, but we may need to shake loose some old ideas to make room for new ones.

At the beginning of 2013 I decided to take a fresh approach to life by exploring new possibilities. Starting the year with new thoughts and ideas was more appealing to me than continuing to build on previous accomplishments. I was certain that newer projects waited, and while these might include channeling, they would no longer be exclusive or limited to it. Sometimes even the things we care most deeply about need to be moved into the background so that we can continue to grow. That’s the premise of this year for me and I hope to be sharing more about it as they year continues to unfold.

So where does that leave channeling? In the best of places! I like to think of myself as an “old school” teacher, which means that I have seen channeling evolve and remake itself many times. I could recount some interesting stories about how it was in the “good old days” but I’ll save that for when I write my memoirs. I believe that this is an important time for spirituality and channeling, a real turning point. We are here to witness this evolution and to take part in it if we care to. The transformational nature of true channeling allows all of us to access the same expanded awareness without the assistance of an intermediary – gifted or otherwise. We are moving into a time when we can have direct experiences with the teacher within, and not even the most skilled master teacher or spiritual authority will be able to match what you can experience on your own. That time is not in the distant future. It is in the near now; today if it is something you believe and dedicate yourself to.


What about Gaia? Gaia is the sentient awareness of this planet, which includes care, concern and a certain amount of responsibility for all that is earth related. Gaia’s words and wisdom existed long before I brought them to public awareness. One day, in the aftermath of a powerful earthquake, a frightened, angry and lonely voice within me summoned her and she came, just as she would (or has) to you. A bond was forged and nothing will ever change that. Gaia’s wisdom has helped us to perceive our selves and our relationship to the earth differently. We are one and the same in Gaia, made of the same substance and energy, never separate or apart.

Over the years I have smiled at rumors that suggested Gaia was leaving the planet after being been fed up with humanity’s failure to progress. Really??? I giggled when I heard that Gaia would be fired and replaced by a more experienced and less tolerant sentience. New rumors surface almost all the time – Gaia took away the honeybees, global warming is Gaia’s way of getting back at humanity for being poor stewards of the earth, and even this one – Gaia is going to decide who gets to keep nuclear weapons and who doesn’t. Statements and rumors of this kind eventually find their way to me for confirmation, denial or rebuttal. In the beginning I did just that, believing it was my duty to do so, but as they were never ending I eventually decided that I was not a Public Service Announcement (PSA) for Gaia. This grand lady planet can take care of herself!

Will there be another channel for Gaia? It is my understanding that there will not. Gaia’s wisdom is a unique mix of nature’s remedies, elemental mysticism, sage advice, and a mother’s understanding of the difficulties associated with being human. The messages I channeled were collectively attuned to the strides we have been making and the upward swing we are now on. Communication with Gaia is all around us. Your own will and authority easily attract her words and wisdom to you. Wouldn’t you like to have your own relationship with Gaia instead of having someone else re-interpret what you can already receive on your own? Even as I write this, I am reminded of a saying that goes something like, “opportunity knocks, but opportunists rarely do”. In other words, there is a very good likelihood that you will soon hear that this person or that channel is the newest or next version of Gaia. An unfortunate attribute of the end-times of our beloved New Age is that those who do not merit our trust sometimes assume it anyway; a charismatic speaker does not a teacher make.

But seriously, there is something I want you to know: These many years have generated a vast legacy of words and wisdom, specific guidance and information, instructions for happiness and wellbeing, descriptions of present and future technologies – pearls of pure and perfect knowledge. I call this, The Gaian Library, and its care, use and protection is our responsibility. Knowledge is all too easily lost and misplaced. We have done this throughout history only to work at piecing great works back together centuries later. Sometimes careless, sometimes ignorant, our busy minds quickly move on to the next new thing, overlooking great works and our selves in the process.


I have vowed that will not happen with the Gaian Library and my helpers and I are already at work restructuring and reordering the library to make it easily accessible to all. This includes the great talks, Gaia’s Voice recordings, seminars and workshops, videos and other material that may have been previously unavailable. The plan includes grouping these into subject related study programs, and into areas of specific and personal interest.  I think this is the best and most practical approach. You will see these changes take place over the next few months and I’ll be writing to tell you more about them, too. As we begin the regrouping process it is likely that you will see some prices go down and others up, so if there are stand-alone titles and subjects that you have been considering, this may be a good time to revisit them. Here is a link to the current online store. The library is (loosely) arranged alphabetically right now and the search box on the right side of the page may be helpful.

What about future events and private sessions? They are on hold for now while I explore new projects and ideas that feel most inspiring. I will invite you to read about them soon and to participate in them if you are interested. I may channel publicly again, perhaps for an interesting occasion or by special invitation. The relationship I forged with Gaia is a timeless and profound one, regardless of whether I choose to channel or not. More importantly, it formed part of what we collectively wanted and needed in the post Harmonic Convergence, old-paradigm, New Age generation. We were waking up to the idea that who we are and what we do really does matter. We needed to be reminded that we are not alone, that we are always surrounded by guidance and goodwill, that our path is one of continuous evolution, and that like us, our teachers will come and go, and come again. And we got that, right? Gaia’s messages were never exclusive to me – the sentience of the earth could never belong to one person or be contained by one messenger.

Over the years I have met a few unique individuals whose compassion and care for the subject of channeling have touched me deeply and paralleled my own dedication to the subject. They’re devotion and enthusiasm under my mentorship has left no doubt that they are fully capable of carrying on the How to Channel program of classes I began long ago. For instance, In South America I have given special permission to Pablo Morano, to continue my work in his own style and spirit, in cooperation with the foundation of spiritual values he already embodies. You will likely hear more from him in the near future.


The earth is renewed in us and with us daily. Gaia, the ample and generous wisdom that is our living library is available to everyone. We can access it anytime. We have moved beyond the time when channels and their stable of entities need to carry us upon their shoulders. We are now strong enough to receive new truths from our own inner authority, while leading purposeful, unburdened and authentic lives. We asked for the next age and we have embarked upon it. I like to call it the Now Age for lack of a better word. Individually and collectively we are free to advance into new and direct relationships with our selves, each other, and the world we live in. I can’t imagine anything bringing Gaia more joy than this!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It took some time and forethought before the words finally arranged themselves onto the page. Twenty years ago when I began channeling Gaia’s words I could not imagine that they would be as widely read or received as they are today. Back then I could hardly imagine that anyone would even believe it was possible to commune with our planet in such a way. By contrast, someone shared with me in a recent conversation that they could not believe that I would even consider setting something so precious aside in favor of the unknown. What can I say? I believe that we are all here to explore, to create and to continue to grow. Like the nautilus, I outgrew the (spiritual) environment I lived in and am eager to explore a new one. For those who mentor us there can be no better compliment.

I plan to stay in touch with you in a variety of different ways and I hope you will do the same. You can join me LIVE on the radio for, Solutions for a Small Planet, on the last Wednesday of every month or listen to the archives later on. I check in on Facebook semi-regularly, sharing my adventures with you and reading and replying to your posts as often as I can. Did you catch the pictures of my new Doberman puppy, Zoey Belle? I will also be writing again to tell you more about my discoveries with the Inclusive Mind and other projects that may be of interest to you, including a mentorship study-participation program. I have been experimenting with some new exercises and really enjoying the results!

Please accept my deep appreciation for being my companions along the way and for sharing this ever-expanding journey with me. You continue to be my inspiration, my family, and my friends. I invite you to join me on my next adventure!

~ Pepper Keen Lewis


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  1. John Kalb

    Pepper, thank you so much for your service to Gaia and all of humanity.  May your new path unfold with grace and ease. – John Kalb

  2. rhonda griffith

    thank you -it was a beautiful read -would love to followyour journey -love and light rhonda

  3. Charles Carruthers

    Dear Pepper, 
    From my personal space I just wish to extend my appreciatiation for all that you and the words, energy, and wisdom of Gaia have contributed to my growth and understanding, and naturally support you in your continued growth wherever that leads. A sincere thank you.
    Charles Carruthers

  4. Sharon Kamp

    I want to say "Thank you!" for being the instrument that changed my life completely with the words and wisdom of Gaia through the years.  I have come to my own deep and eternal connection to Gaia.  I understand your words and wish you the very best and happiest of adventures. I am in profound appreciation of you and your work.

    • Jeff Marlow

      Thanks, Pepper, for your loving support and guidance over the years.

  5. Lu Narine

    For over a dozen years, I have heard and deeply appreciated your service to humanity, and specifically to what I have received thru attendance at so many seminars and private sessions in the USA and in Canada.
    Please accept from my essence, my sincere 'Well done dear Lady!" 
    Thank you for Who and What You Are, as I hear Gaia say…  I saw when you struggled to be seen as a Teacher in your own right, not simply a Master Channel.  Now, you absolutely have arrived (a spiral/circular Journey??) and I am deeply proud of you.  Thank you for being the Essence of a Mindful/Mindless Leader.  May you deeply and richly enjoy a more private life to do as you wish.
    Bravo.  Mahalo.  Namaste.
    Lu Narine, Regina 

  6. Mardell Miller

    Hi Pepper,  I send you many blessings in your new path.  We will all miss your work with Gaia greatly.  I spent the 11-11-11 with you and Gaia in Scottsdale.  I was most honored to do so.  I spoke with you about my family in Argentina and when I saw you again at the Kryon conference in Sedona last summer you seemed to remember me.  It made my heart sing.  I love you!  Mardell Miller

  7. gultan tanyeri

    Pepper, I am very glad that I had a chance working with you on 11.11.11 online event and later ın nov 2011 I had a private channel through you. I feel the same way as you have written… we are now aware that we are 100 % responsible of our reality… but we can change it… we are all channellers… plus everything around us speaks with us all the time…
    Pepper thank you !!!!!! and Gaia thank you…. we are all together, we are one…

  8. Lory Nakamura

    Hi Pepper, first and most of all, thank you for all these years you and Gaia bestowed on us. i read with contradicting feelings this writing in which you pour your heart out. and i truly loved it and do understand.
    must say that i really liked the part when you talk of Home, as it was a message i feel very close to my heart.
    even if not as a channeler, maybe just as a traveller, i am looking forward to seeing you again here in Japan ! 🙂
    wishing you all the best in your new endeavors
    with all my Love, Lory

  9. Anne

    Wow! My heart is as wide as the worlds in appreciation and yes please do share your journey! So much love!

  10. Nicola Moss

    Congratulations Pepper!  to integrity and beyond!

  11. Bea Wragee

    Pepper, you really did find a brilliant and loving way to share this transition with us. I’m excited to share in your next adventure. With much love and gratitude for your friendship and your integrity. Hugs

  12. Erno van Doesselaar

    Dear Pepper,
    I have been channeling for about 7 years now and together with that I got deeper and deeper in touch with my soul. To be honest about 16 years ago, before I started to channel,  I discovered this presence in me that I could connect with and 'she' would give such a beautiful loving energy and answers to my questions, always inviting me to find my own way, to discover my own truth and who I really am, that it surprised me and it always felt so good.

    I can say from my own experience that channeling for me feels like a divine dance, with an amazing great partner.. But when I speak and fully express my soul, it is the best match ever, it is like a constant feeling of home coming, fullfillment and joy!
    I really relate to what you have written here and indeed, it takes a lot of courage to do this. To be so authentic to live and create directly from your soul.
    I also really enjoy my dances with the angelic friends that I channel, but the dance with me, with who I really am, my soul, is beyond words…so precious.
    So yes… gently channeling is moving out of my life as well, now to be and express fully who I am.  
    I wish you many great new adventures and thank you so much for writing about this, especially after your well known channeling journey, it is so great to read this!
    Much love,

  13. Tera Sukhu

    Thank you Pepper.  You are truely inspiring and I love how you are sharing your journey with all of us.  Thank you for your courage and I can't wait to see what happens next. <3

  14. Hariata Hema

    Dear Pepper.  Thank you for all you have shared with me; the channellings I attended, and channelling class.  Your decision makes sense to me.  For some reason, I am not surprised.  It seems a natural step.  Go well, be happy….and see you somewhere sometime.  With love from New Zealand.

  15. Sandra Lynch

    Thank you for validating "the why" in me when i was guided to add you to the Healing with the Masters prayer Circle.
    Inside and Out I am honored to see …"DIVINE ORCHESTRATION"  … Thank YOU VERY MUCH!
    I too will create a "Living Library" for the memoirs from all the TV Angels Talk and Calling All Angel unscripted unfolding episodes ….A NOW AGE AAGCS vision calling the New "AngelsAtGodCentralStation".
    Divine Love & HOLY KISSES,
    Sandra Lynch

  16. Mike Crabtree

    I somehow knew something was up and I look forward to whatever it is.  You are to be commended for your courage to chane and evolve. peace and happiness be with you in your next phase.

  17. Mary Carmen Andreu

    Gracias Pepper por ayudarnos a recibir la sabiduria de Gaia a lo largo de estos años, estoy segura de que este nuevo camino que emprendes estara pleno de bendiciones y sorpresas y de que el camino que todos como humanidad emprendemos ahora, nos llevara a reestablecer la conexion original con Gaia para escuchar nuevamente, como era en el principio, su voz claramente en nuestros corazones, abrazo con alas desde Peru!

  18. Katherine Warren

    Beautiful. Thank You for modeling the way so gloriously. It is beautiful to see the growth and transition in you and indeed in Gaia, and to see you be with the sadness and unease that so often accompanies great courage in its journey. I am so inspired to share your continued journey and to be so open to receives Gaias wisdom through new paths in my own life.
    Namaste , Kathy

  19. Teresa Nieland

    Thanks for sharing this with us, Pepper.  This is beautiful and so resonates with me.  This is the next step for humanity and you are showing us that we can move beyond the known and fears of the unknown to be our truest expression of self.

  20. Creighton

    It has been my pleasure to receive and listen to your channeling.  I love Gaia too and will plant my garden this spring with some new inspirations born of the wonder that you helped grow.  Bless you and I look forward to your new journey.

  21. Michelle Finnegan

    Thankyou so much for your courage and strength..in the past and the present.. Your words and actions have been and are inspiring.  Publicly demonstrating what we all are capable of doing, communing with spirit (essentially our own), evolving and responsibly creating. I congratulate you and wish you the best in this new phase of your journey. knowing the one constant; is always change!!  
    Many many blessings to you,

  22. Jody Goodman

    Yes, this is truly the way of the new energy…channeling ourselves, our own wisdom that has been locked up inside. Thank you for following your own heart and guidance. Much love to you…and can't wait to see what you do next. 🙂

  23. Zena Jann

    Thanks a million for transmitting our beloved sister Gaia. Had a reading 11 years ago that I will never forget. Your explanation is much too long and thick like plowing through a deep forrest so half way thru I just skipped to the titles and got the idea. Good life, namaste, aloha dear Peper.

  24. Dagmar

    Beloved Pepper, Thank you for all the incredible loving messages and channelings, INDEED WE ARE ON A NEW WAY to a different level of awareness. Guiding energies such as yourself and many others are retreating gracefully handing over their work and choosing a new path, yet being the pathfinder for the many again. Be blessed and blessed be your new journey!

  25. Ellen Carnahan

    Love you Pepper. I am excited for you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding my introduction to Gaia! Your letter gives me a faintly familiar sense of "what is next" and I look forward to reading all about it, when you feel so moved. Also thank you for your plans for what you call the Gaian Library, for making it available to all of us …
    xxo Ellen 🙂

  26. Keiko Nakatsuka

    Dearest Pepper,
    Sending my deepest gratitude and love your way!
    Wishing you a rainbow path that you be carried upon the clouds and take you far….
    Love always,



  27. Timothy Hughes

    Your choice seems quite natural and appropriate.  I think the "Inclusive Mind" approach is the means to empower ourselves by making our "Own" choices rather relying on the direction of others.  I thank you for your service to spirit and humanity.  This is not the end, just the beginning.  Good journey!

  28. Aurelia

    What beautiful reflections that hopefully point us all to a more wonder-filled and thoughtful contemplation of our human potentials!  Thank you, Pepper, for support, encouragement and wonderful inspiration through the years. Your journey is obviously well-lit and truly holy and blessed.   xxxxxooo

  29. Bronya

    Thinking of you Pepper.  Lloyd and I moved to St Pete Beach Florida.  Come see us anytime.  Bright blessings, Bronya

  30. Bev Crane

    Namaste to you! and many blessings on your continuing journey.  I so appreciate the sharing of your remarkable journey and its latest evolution.  All of us benefit from being reminded that our optimal energetic state is flow, and that stasis and stagnation, although sometimes more comfortable, stiffle both curiousity and joy, as well as the discovery of our highest potentials. 

  31. Maria Leo

    Dear Pepper,
    We met for the first time at the Summer Light Conference last year, the Six Channelers event. ; ) 
    I second Hariata Hema's comment. I too, am not surprised about your decision. It feels right to me. I felt a love and kinship resonance the first time I heard your voice at Lightworker.com with Steve Rother, and it brought tears to my eyes. I felt a connection deep within… I love and honor who you are… Thank you so much for being such a great example of integrity and wisdom : ) Thank you for being : )
    Maria from Brooklyn, New York

  32. Jeff Frick

    I think we are all learning and your guidance has shown you, that the outer search for purpose and meaning outside of us can be exciting and magical for a moment, but unless we take the wisdom and knowledge and apply it to our own unique nature in our present day reality, it is somewhat lifeless.  The fun and challenge is BEING HERE NOW, expressing your unique spiritual mindsets on many levels in your personal growth, your group interactions,  and contributions that make society a better place for all.

  33. gauranga

    Full gratitude !
    Every day I've been saying for a wuile these words that connect to yours words here "I command my ability to accomodate my natural crystaline self in my life and physical body now! "
    And I observe the results on a daily blissful basis!
    We are creating a new world, thanks to all of humanity!

  34. Nikki dolan

    Thanks Pepper
    You are inspiring and awesome!

  35. Gary Michael Graves


  36. Lemuel Mclaughlin

    Thus, within Eriksonian theory, wisdom universally surfaces as an optimal potential outcome of the human experience.

  37. Hilario Barton

    Waking up, something many of us have been working on for the last several years, allows us great leeway to explore, learn and grow. Growing up, as most of us have discovered at one time or another, does not always invite the same luxury. My experience has clearly shown me that channeling, regardless of which entity or Master Teacher, what dimension or portal, and all versions of the past, present and future, originate within the Inclusive Mind, also called the Super-Conscious Mind, Third Mind, God-Mind, Soul Mind and more. There is nothing too surprising about this, and depending upon your beliefs it might not change a thing. But I felt that my worldwide work needed to change, because I now knew with certainty that we can all access the same deep wisdom, guidance and truth with or without channeling. Better put, once we better understand that our mind is our ally and the storehouse of almost everything we need and want, channeling becomes unnecessary or redundant, because it already resides within the realm of the Inclusive Mind.

  38. Corey Y. Butler

    The original Lyran extraterrestrials who apparently “seeded” Earth, were inspired by a consciousness associated with a spirituality, that grounded their sciences into humanistic dimensions of service to the “greater good”, in contrast with elite-driven greed on Earth. Lyrans apparently refer to the collective consciousness of love, peace, and wisdom which inspired the universe as the Isness (G-d).

  39. Marilyn G. Oneal

    Waking up, something many of us have been working on for the last several years, allows us great leeway to explore, learn and grow. Growing up, as most of us have discovered at one time or another, does not always invite the same luxury. My experience has clearly shown me that channeling, regardless of which entity or Master Teacher, what dimension or portal, and all versions of the past, present and future, originate within the Inclusive Mind, also called the Super-Conscious Mind, Third Mind, God-Mind, Soul Mind and more. There is nothing too surprising about this, and depending upon your beliefs it might not change a thing. But I felt that my worldwide work needed to change, because I now knew with certainty that we can all access the same deep wisdom, guidance and truth with or without channeling. Better put, once we better understand that our mind is our ally and the storehouse of almost everything we need and want, channeling becomes unnecessary or redundant, because it already resides within the realm of the Inclusive Mind.

  40. Maureen Moloney

    I want to add my thanks and honour your integrity, determination, calmness, and intelligent clarity during these challenges of transition from fear to love.
    One bit of information that I especially want to thank you and your partner for was when Gaia said that we could not destroy her. That we had tried before but she had not let us. She added,  "I have not given you that power." That rocked my world!
    The sense of relief from those words years ago still flows through my being. Those words almost more than any other have helped me to trust the "all is well" stuff and allow the inner work in myself instead of reacting to the world at large. As a child I used to wonder when that one molecule would tip the balance towards a dying planet and you both freed me from that nightmare.
    Many blessings and many delights to you on your journey; with gratitude,
    Maureen (Vancouver, BC)

    • Elaine

      Pepper I want to thank you and the `Gaia' aspect of yourself and the Inclusive Mind for all the loving teaching and guidance that has poured out. May the adventure and joy of it broaden and increase.  Many many thanks and wondrous blessings.

  41. Jeff

    Just thinking of you. Much love

  42. Laura Pieratt

    Dear Pepper, Thank you for your beautiful spirit and honest sharing of such a personal journey beyond the known and comfortable. I will always be grateful for your love, compassion, gentle spirit, integrity, groundedness, dedication, courage and inspiration shared with the world, in whatever form it takes. I so admire you taking the road less traveled with less concern for the outcome than honoring your heart's need to expand and explore. While your messages from Gaia will always hold a special place in my heart, I will look forward to hearing more of your discoveries and new path. Please keep me on your mailing lists! Infinite blessings to you as you continue to light the way for many, showing there is nothing to fear when following the heart.
    Huge hugs and waves of love, Laura Pieratt

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