The Power of Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals

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Sacred Ceremony + Ritual Response = Freedom/Release. This is one of the simplest, yet most overlooked equations.  The earth benefits and rejoices in it, and it is a gift for our body, mind and spirit.

May is a perfect and important month for regenerating our life force and the animas vigoras, an ancient term for the fire of inspiration, which when invoked, ignites our passion to thrive.  Look around. Some of us have been in hibernation mode while others hover near survival. This is not what we came here to be and do!

The moon is the earth’s most prominent partner, even more so during this May 2012 cycle. We have already experienced a Super full moon due to its elliptical orbit and its exaggerated proximity to earth this month. On May 20th there will be a potent solar eclipse that is forecasted to have great influence on matters large and small. In addition, we are all in the process of shifting our focus and energy, as directed by our own soul’s code.

Take a few moments to consider the thoughts and things that you would like to change, redirect, complete or begin. This is a perfect time to make it so. You can help the process by creating or participating in ceremonies and rituals that exert their force beyond the realm of ordinary time. When we call upon the wisdom of the earth, our own inner wisdom also responds, often with surprising and fast results.

There are many techniques whereby ceremonies and rituals lead to transcendent and sacred discovery, but the main principle is always the same – let go/receive, dissolve/unite – you get the idea. For my own simple homemade ceremony, I gathered a few meaningful items that I felt attracted to and added something from nature to represent the kingdoms and elements of the earth. I wrote some very simple intentions (no need to complicate this) and offered it to the ALL. Then I meditated (briefly) and feasted (greatly!). The ritual and the intention are the same, one is a simply a physical representation of the other.

I invite you to celebrate the month of May with me. You are my brothers and sisters; my family. I wish I could break bread with all of you one day, but for now I send you a sincere wish — that you engage life fully, and discover the vivid beauty, meaning and purpose of your life NOW.


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  1. mariellen

    Aloha Pepper,
     Especially  Goddess Ceremonies, so very sacred, with the many sacred sights in Hawaii and the beautiful plant weaves of mother earth, we not renew only  Gaia, also  our own sacred selves..
    Love & Light
    (see you in Sedona)

  2. sara cerica

    Gracias querida Pepper, en el UNO que somos con nuestra Amada Gaia.

  3. robert james haywood

    hope to see you down the road sometime 🙂
    a music medicine man of new zealand and australia
    currently on tour in canada

  4. Kristin Schneider

    Hi Pepper, I love to listen to Gaia's words, when are you coming to Melbourne Australia?
    Love and best wishes

  5. Mariela Catalán

    Desde Chile…mis profundas gracias y honor por compartir tu conocimiento con todos nosotros…En la unión de nuestras almas te saludo.

  6. sharon dionne

    thank you for this posting…i always love when i get an e-mail from you. 

  7. maryann moon

    I love this idea of how important ceremony and rituals are in the area of manifesting  miracles in our lives.   Truly one must let all doubts and fears dissolve so that we may truly feel the wonder of manifestation of  ….abundance, for example.  I also felt the wonder in all this ceremony and felt great gratitude for the mystery involved in this wonderful manifestation.   Like you,  my intentions regarding how I can help others with this manifestation give me a feeling of  much delight.  

  8. Tetsje op den Dries

    These are beautiful thoughts that you share with us! Ceremony and ritual does not appeal to me that much, but your last sentence, about the breaking bread with all one day, that makes tears come to my eyes and a big smile on my face!!
    We must have done this before….don't you think? When we meet someday, we will do this for real! For now, in my minds eye, i saw us breaking bread with all and it was great!
    Thanx, Tetsje op den Dries
    the Netherlands 

  9. Mona Ryzack

    thank you for taking the time to put this into words thoughts. both of you. i have always loved ceremony. i  can't wait to meet you in person in travers city.  se you soon mona

  10. Edith

    I am a long time journalist and media relations consultant who, with a sacred community, has traveled the world for years offering prayers and ceremony for the healing of Mother Earth. I also am a 10 year Sun-Moon dancer and every full moon am at the ocean giving offerings to Mother Yemanja for the healing of the waters around the world.   To learn more about our group, Eagle Wings of Enlightement Center, visit http://www.eaglewingsofenlightenment.org. More than ever, it is time for people to wake up, join together in ceremony, and  remember the indigenous ways!   

  11. Catherine Deuter

    For me a ritual is like an emotional and mental moving meditation. I feel engaged more fully with my Higher Self and Soul,  I know my Soul loves symbols and imagination. As I go through the particular movements it feels like my Soul and Higher Self are right there and not somewhere beyond time and space. There are the potent times like the Solstices and Equinoxes, and as Pepper suggests, the upcoming Solar Eclipse. I plan to take advantage of the opportunity . . . . thank you Pepper, and Gaia

  12. SILVIA

    Peper qué linda energía q tenés. Te encontraré en persona en la Light Conference de Kryon en unos dïas en Sedona, y disfrutaré de tus canalizaciones y de la poderosa energía de Gaia. Gracias querida Argentina compatriota por ser un canal para traernos la energía de nuestro padre/madre tierra.
    con amor desde tus pagos

  13. Jimmie S. Hunter

    Three rites are held before birth to: 1) promote conception, 2) increase the likelihood of a boy, and 3) safeguard the fetus. There are also ceremonies for the first trip outside the house and the first sight of the sun, usually the fourth month after birth; the first feeding with solid food, and the first pierced ear. Boys have their head shaved in a ceremony that leaves them with one slender lock of hair.

  14. Serena Berger

    I invite you to celebrate the month of May with me. You are my brothers and sisters; my family. I wish I could break bread with all of you one day, but for now I send you a sincere wish — that you engage life fully, and discover the vivid beauty, meaning and purpose of your life NOW.

  15. Micheal Kelly

    Think about the last time you planned a vacation. If you live in an urban area, chances are that you planned to go to “the country.” Even if you planned to visit another urban area you very likely included a trip to a park, a zoo, a fountain, a planetarium, or a botanical garden. Whether we are consciously aware or not, we all have a deep need to experience nature in order to feel complete. The healing power of the natural world is far greater than most us of realize. When we allow ourselves to experience nature in a deeper way we start to experience the calm and peace of this healing power. You don’t have to take a month long backpacking trip to a remote wilderness area in order to experience this. I admit that it helps. Still, it is possible to use simple rituals to reconnect us with the earth no matter where we are. This helps us stay grounded. It helps us realize that however great our loss, and no matter how lonely we feel, we are still part of a something larger than ourselves. We are still connected to the earth.

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