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I read and appreciate all your comments and questions. I cannot reply to them individually at this time, but here are a few wonderful examples of what you are thinking and feeling. Enjoy!

A warm hug,
Pepper Lewis

Dear Gaia:
A friend of mine heard you describe 2012 as a year of “reversals”. Could you go into more details about this? Does it apply to all of us?
V. K. Budapest, Hungary

Dear V,
Begin by acknowledging that 2012 is not about getting it right or fixing what’s wrong. It is not about going somewhere or making something happen. Deadlines and finish lines are arbitrary. Like endings and beginnings, they are invisible bookmarks in time that connect and align truths as easily as stars. Recognize the great distance that you have already traveled in this life and know that it has enhanced you from within and without. The most common description of a reversal includes an unfortunate experience or setback. My deliberate choice of words has an alternate meaning, one that is more liberal and creative. Reversals are opportunities to revisit thoughts, decisions, opinions, and more.

A reversal is an opportunity to turn around in time to catch yourself in movement or midflight. Have you ever wished to take back your words before they reached their destination? To retrace your steps in such a way that you could find a lost object? To remake a decision without consequence? These are reversals — changes in direction, states of consciousness and conditions of being. A reversal sets aside a previous or lower decision, and the energies of 2012 encourage you to do this.

A word of caution bears placement here: A change of mind or heart is not the same as a reversal, nor is a concession or surrender. If you wish to reverse a thought or an idea do so because the new or next idea is more creative or fulfilling, not because a wrong must be made right or a debt must be repaid. True reversals lead to places of origination, open crossroads that lead to new choices, experiences and discoveries.

The most important words for you to remember here are choice, described here as the ability to act upon a preference. And change, the necessity to respond to a request.

Dear Pepper,
I always look forward to your messages and updates and was disappointed not to find mention of the recent earthquakes on your website or Facebook page. Can you please ask Gaia to speak about this subject?

Kay G., NSW, Australia

Dear Kay,
Sharing Gaia’s words through channeling continues to be an important part of everything I feel and do. The beauty, variety and richness of life on earth is precious to me and so are the planet’s resources, of which we are one.

As our collective consciousness continues to expand so does our relationship with channeling and the way in which we receive wisdom. Over the last several years I have shared the many messages that Gaia has transmitted to me on the subject of earth changes and many of these are still current. Once a year, I channel an expanded view of the year ahead, including an in-depth exploration of earthquake activity. Our hunger for information about these kinds of events is understandable, but no matter how much we feed it, we will always want more.

We are near the midpoint of a milestone year within a lifetime that is perhaps more significant than others. Perhaps due to this, my natural interest has led me to focus upon practical, hands-on, everyday inspiration, the kind that helps to uplift us and carry us through this year of change. We are entering a time of spiritual maturity, and while looking to our teachers for explanations and guidance is as important and necessary as ever, it feels as if is time to forge ahead with the knowledge they have instilled in us over these many years.

Dear Pepper
I am a paraplegic, a veteran of two wars. My wife, a better and more spiritual person than I am, believes that certain planetary alignments due to occur later this year will heal every illness and challenge, including physical ones like mine. I trust my wife in all matters and someone else (in your line of work) whom she follows told her that this is so. I would like to believe this is true, but cannot. What do you believe?
Tim M. Detroit, MI

Dear Tim,
Faith, hope, and a strong belief in the marvels and magnificence of life on earth have always been my foundation and I have drawn support from them during times of great personal challenge. As a child and into adulthood, I have had visions of a future time that is similar to this one, but more “generous” in what we are able to be, do and know about life, including how to heal ourselves. Some of my visions included spontaneous healings, but to be fair, I also saw new viruses and contaminants that I did not recognize – both of these occurring during the same approximate time. Several of my visions have already come to pass, but others have not and are not likely to.

I trust that our individual and collective beliefs affect us for better and worse because we are creatively responsible for the world we live in. I believe there are great forces at work, some that we already know about and can study and others that we can only imagine. I think these great forces bring physical challenge and spiritual wisdom in equal measure, and that both are important to the soul. I do not know the nature of your challenge, but believe that you have drawn it to you for reasons that may be more dimensional than we can know from our limited perspective.

I do not believe you will be healed as a direct result of a planetary alignment, even a powerful one. I do believe that healing takes many forms and often walks beside us in ways that are invisible yet effective. I cannot speak to what your wife was told or why and can only hope that the message she received was clear and well intentioned. I have received other letters such as yours, some describing terminal illnesses. I do believe in miraculous and spontaneous healings and try to walk a path that is rooted in the field of possibilities. Even so, my feet are rooted here on earth and my views tend to be more grounded than not.

Please continue to explore avenues of expression that lead to personal growth and freedom from fear, a most dangerous disease. Develop a philosophy of life that is inclusive of different ideas, even ones that are remote and far-fetched. Beginning next year, new advances and discoveries will emerge from where they have been hiding in plain sight.
Live long and well!


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  1. Bea Jackson

    Dear Pepper: Thank-you to all you do and share with us. It is not only interesting but comforting at times as only words can be when spoken from a mother’s heart. Perhaps you could offer some insight to me. More often lately, when I am outside in my garden area, I find myself becoming restless, sensing something is not not as it should be. I have commented to my husband, it just doesn’t feel right usually on a large scale, and that something is about to occur. Within a 2-3 days, I will hear or see news about changes occuring on the planet such as a massive earthquake etc. I feel like I am left hanging with the shifts in the energy. Perhaps my grounding needs some tweeking??Comments & input appreciated.

  2. vi robinson

    Dear Pepper……..I have alway been a loyal and devoted
    follower/fan of all that you have contributed with chanellings
    of Gaia…….I am thoroly fascinated with your giftedness and
    and your sincerity, as well as you humility in all your endeavors.
    Do keep moving forward for the sake of all of us who love you
    so much……vr

    • Lita

      Thank you for your support and encouragement.
      Assistant to Pepper Lewis


    Hi Pepper, I saw you channel Gaia about 5 yrs ago, with a small group at Body,Mind&Soul, Greenwood, I.N. I was only about five feet from you at one point. When I looked at your eyes, I swear I saw six pupils around the pupil of your eye. Has anyone else ever told you this before? I was already shocked over Gaia’s incredible presence and energy. I could not think of a question to ask her, as everything seemed trivial in her presence. I had never seen anyone channel before then. Thank you for your work to give Gaia a human voice. Sincerely, Kathleen

    • Lita

      Thank you for sharing your experience.
      Assistant to Pepper Lewis

  4. christine boles

    christine boles
    April 12, 2012

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    pepper & Giaia, (1) I work as a writer for a Nativwe American mag.whispersnthunder.org, and many Natives say they are in prep to go underground to live as before when Wisdom Keepers told themt to go north (underground) when Alantis went down.(comment plz) I told my friends it would be crowded down there with the secret Gov., Et/, and Natives! (Inform on this)
    (2) Q. I know of a person that is COP. He works hard, suffers much, and must do some things he does not want to do –as he plays a duel role to gather info –He is a good man. Tell all abut that field ow work..thank you. christine boles


    As ever, bless you Pepper and Gaia – water in a desert!

    Lots of love & hugs

    • Lita

      Thank you so much for your warm comments.
      Assistant to Pepper Lewis

  6. christine boles

    My guy is being tortured because he will not charm other women in an aposing gang — for information. He does this for his great love for me. I have been healing him (thru Spirit) all along; but this Gangland War continues to wage. i working with Spirit to heal, but they torture and We heal it again, and again and again. Tired. What more can I do? Thank you. chrstine

    • Lita

      I admire your courage, Christine, and I wish I could give you an answer to resolve the problem. You might consider a private session with Pepper. Or perhaps one of the Gaia’s Voice recording could help with restoring your energy.
      Assistant to Pepper Lewis

  7. Debra

    I recently listened to you in an interview with Jennifer McClean.  Part of what you seemed to imply is that we need to stop consuming animals.  I was a vegetarian for almost 20 years, but felt I had to stop due infections and food intolerances (i.e. to fruit, grains, eggs, dairy, beans, soy, nuts and seeds – everything a vegetarian needs to incorporate).  How do I rectify what I felt I needed to do (resume eating fish and meat) with your apparent wish, Gaiea, that we leave animals to live out a full life?

  8. Winfred Blair

    We believe that serious research into life-force energy will inevitably transform our conception of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, psychology and botany leading to an entire new branch of science. Including the concept of “consciousness” or Life-Force Energy in science will not only change the sciences forever, but even more importantly, our world will forever be different as people realize that their love has impact and their love has value.

  9. Lauri Z. Oneil

    When God or divine power is spoken of, many people think they are in church or in some kind of religious splinter group. That is how far we have strayed from the natural. Actually, knowledge of the existence of a supreme being, a supreme spirit that is the single and greatest physician, should be obvious to every physician. We physicians and healing practitioners can only be his helpers. It is very important for medical specialists to experience again His existence and His way of working and helping–in our everyday practice as well. The teachings of Bruno Gröning, I believe–this must be clear–are “supra-religious”. Physicians from all religions are members of the Medical Science Group. The Moslem remains Moslem, the Christian remains Christian, the Jew remains Jewish, and the same with the Buddhist or Hindu. Here, too, no one places himself above the others–it is a matter of people, not religion.

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