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My friend and I disagree on the subject of conspiracies, secret government plots, covert organizations, and more. My friend attributes almost everything that affects the planet or humanity adversely to something sinister, both on and off planet that is designed to control us. I don’t want to believe this, but my friend thinks I am overlooking the obvious and need to wake up and do something abut it before it’s too late. Can you speak about this? The earth, as you know by now, is a living being and home to many. The earth is also home to other kingdoms and species, and therefore serves many purposes. Some aspects of the earth are a custom fit for an evolving species such as humanity, but others have very little to do with humanity at all. This may come as a surprise to many who consider the earth their only home. Gaia is the aspect of the earth that ensouls and guides the evolution of physical life upon and within the planet. The sentience of the earth extends far beyond the physical boundaries of the planet and deep into the realms of non-physical space. Your own awareness extends far beyond your body or this lifetime too, even if you cannot recall how it all fits together in this moment. How far does my sentience extend? As far as the physical dimensions of this solar system, including several dimensional “layers”. The same is true of other celestial bodies in this solar system. You and I have many things in common, one of which is the ability to multi-task. It is worth noting that many of these tasks barely require any physical or mental exertion. For instance, many of the processes carried out by the individual organs in your body are self-regulating and self-sustaining as each molecule and cell relate to themselves, to each other and to the whole. Your life is guided by a self-referencing system. It is sequentially activated and monitored by the same wisdom that animates your purposes in this lifetime (at least seven) as well as the purposes associated with other lifetimes. Some of these are taking place now, in concurrent time, while others are located elsewhere in “experiential time”. All of this goes by way of saying that the earth is fertile ground to a vast array of realities, paradigms and programs – each one perfectly and purposely designed, creatively crafted to suit the imaginations and illuminations of masterful thinkers. These masters of thought, who could also be called architects of life or creator gods, build worlds around thoughts and ideas. Some of their thoughts manifest as physical or structural worlds and other worlds are literally built around ideas. Does this sound far-fetched or impossible? Not really. Your imagination is a replica of this ability – everything about you and your history has attempted to explain that you have been “made in the image” of your creators. This fact has not been hidden from you. This is a difficult concept for many; there is sadness, resentment and various forms of distress around the idea of being made, yet you make things every day beginning with making up your mind to awaken or participate in your life’s purpose. Once you discover how truly remarkable you are, you will begin to uncover some of the more spectacular talents that are already yours as well as others that are a hair’s breath away and easily summoned. The part that you are missing, or that you have forgotten, is why . . . You live in multiple worlds, but only one of these matters right now, this one. This life matters most because it is the one that you know most about. It is the one with the identity that you most associate with. You think you are this version of you, and your personality and your mind agree. Your body is the vehicle of expression you have selected for this timescape and density, and within this dimensional expression of you. It is arranged to match the ideas and projections of whom you think you are so that whether you are awake or asleep you will still be you. While this may be comforting to know, it is also contrary to the richness that you are in other dimensions and densities. This can be stunningly different than what you are here and now. To be exact, you are missing out on a quality of luminescence that is much lighter and brighter than that of this world, comparatively speaking. It would not be unfair to say that you might not even recognize your true self if you did not have the beneficent assistance that has always companioned you; somewhere within each of you is a place that knows this or imagines it. Your ideas about heaven are a memory marker of your essential self. Your continued belief in heaven or in a version of the hereafter is your soul’s map – your GPS home. Home is not here and it is not there. It is not up or down. It is in. Home is always the movement inward. It is the in-dwelling place and it is where you most wish to be, which is why anything or anyone who gets in the way of your journey homeward or gives the appearance of that which could prevent movement in this direction will be seen as an obstacle, an enemy or a conspirator. The desire to remember your true identity and regain all that is perceived as lost (or stolen) is the beacon that guides almost all thoughts, deeds and actions. This world and its 3rd dimensional perspectives was designed with a significant tilt toward polarity, it is one of its key features. This means that light and dark are in a constant dance with one another, obligatory partners in perfect and divine complement with their opposite. In this polarity scheme, opposites attract; they pull and tug and maneuver each other into a position of advantage, or so it seems, until shadow reveals the play on light, forcing the scene to change yet again. This is the struggle between right and wrong, man and woman, war and peace. Do note that the coarseness of this weave belongs to the 3rd dimension, world five, third polarity. The laws of this polarity bind only the world in which it is being expressed or put into play, but not the earth itself – to bind is to blind. This relevant fact should not be overlooked, because if you study it carefully and read it like a map, it will show you where the exits are and that they are in fact, clearly marked. The answer to your question is laid out in how the worlds are arranged, as we will now see. Light and dark are silhouetted perfectly against a backdrop of collusion and conspiracy. At no other time in the history of this world has cat and mouse been played so well – so yes, there are a number of conspiracies carefully coded to coincide with certain overtures, gestures and slight of hand, but like a house of cards they could also fall at any time. The world of conspiracies is more thinly veiled than ever now and becoming more opaque and obsolete with each passing day. Very soon now it will have to come out of the shadows in order to make its most important play for the game it loves more dearly than life itself. Light casts shadow on doubt now, but doubt is only a pawn in the game of chess, a game played at the master level by adepts, kingmakers and magicians. In order to win at chess the queen, who stands for rulership, must be deposed. The king, who can be easily weakened and outwitted by an opponent, as long as he is well flanked, protects the queen. If the liberator is not well flanked then he must be able to isolate the king, who is the oppressor or imposer of will. The king is an imposter in this game, because he has no true power, only the illusion of superiority and the appearance of free will – he can move about the chessboard in any direction he chooses, but rarely does so because he is afraid that he will be cornered and exposed as the fraud he is. Conspiracy is an artful and crafty game; it is not a game of chance, but of skill. My words are also carefully crafted to invite, but not ensnare. Conspiracies are plotted and planned in corridors, which correspond to the labyrinthine mind, where fear rules much like the king – fear is the impostor, but it imposes its will upon most just the same. If you wish to see into and then through the game of conspiracies, you must first oppose the king (fear) and expose him as the illusion of might he is. How? Have you heard it say that fear has no shadow? Not so! It is that it cannot bear its own reflection. Perhaps you will find practical wisdom in these words. Next, there must be a liberator, a hero, a rescuer, and he must be a knight! Those who entered the game at the amateurs level thinking they could play to win became pawns and not knights; they are today’s soldiers. The world now searches for a liberator – it thought it had found one, but it was not the true one. Real power cannot be feigned, so this would-be liberator will only guard the pillars of light for another, his seat of power will be temporary. Where is the knight and what is his armor fashioned of? What metal or brilliant light is strong enough to oppose its opposite where polarity is concerned? Here is another clue and one that is worth investigating. What illusion is exposed when light plays on shadow? What power or force is stronger than that of the king of shadows and oppression, and the queen who would subjugate all and make them pawns and slaves? Where is the light upon the earth and where is its match in the heavens? What, where and when have stars been known to descend to earth? Would a light seen in the heavens be brilliant enough to change or overturn game? We will see! Know that I do not tease nor taunt, nor mislead or beguile you. I invite you to see your world differently and to cause your world to reveal its secrets to you one by one, as you will not be able to call them out all at once. If you wish to corner those who would commit acts of conspiracy upon the unsuspecting public first practice cornering your fears and calling them to account. Before you are bold enough to face those who would oppress the innocent you must find the courage to face down your self-judgment, self-doubt and self-deprecation, as these will obscure your ability to see clearly, even in the brightest light. Do you think you know your enemies well? Do you know them so well that you can find an ally in their midst? Can you find a friend in a field of foes? Study your thoughts well, which ones can be reversed or changed? Which beliefs can be unmade or undone so that they can be placed into service again? Those who play in the shadows are puppets. Meanwhile, the puppet masters enjoy the light of day, carefully disguised to look like you. The game of shadows is one of power, but power of what? Once you discover the answer to this riddle the game will be over, but know that in this world another will soon begin. Why? Because the 3rd dimension is one of discovery through experience, it is the proving ground of thoughts and things that must be tempered and taught. It is where raw material is refined and metal of man becomes the mettle of the soul. The world of conspiracies is real, but only in the world of illusion. Those who carry lies on the tips of their tongues whisper sweetly a song that is the favorite of those who are satisfied with half-truths. I tell you this: Those who are consumed with the covert and the conspiratorial lament the past and fear the future. That which is real cannot be manipulated and that which is illusion will in the end be caught by the light of the dawn, as the temptation to stay out all night will be too strong. A shadow cast upon humanity is but a moment of twilight to the stars in the heavens! Footnote: Earthquakes are not currently produced by those who walk in the shadows, neither are nuclear accidents, though taking credit for these does coincide within the parameters of certain activities associated with past and present events upon earth. The game is played on earth, so assumptions that you are under the control or influence of beings from other planets are incorrect, however, remember that many worlds exist and intersect on a planet, particularly this one and especially now as time begins to falter and light prepares to yield to another sun. Know that just as some conspire against you, others conspire in your favor – remember that it is a game of shadow and light.


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  1. Kristopher Scott

    Pepper & Gaia,
    “To Thine Own Self Be True” is a suitable motto for my intensive research these past months coinciding along with my journey toward ever more expanding C/(c)onsciousness. And never could I have imagined just how far down the rabbit hole I’d go. And boy did the dots start conecting like accelerated clockwork! And then I was led to this article. Mind blown yet again, it seemed my research was divinely giving me the exact discoveries to decipher the riddle and the riddles within riddles in your brilliantly woven article here! Of course, I know quite well to still ask if I really do ‘know’ the truth imbedded in your riddle here that has encoded a far greater ‘knowing’ I’m sure than what I can at this moment ‘know.’ However, if perhaps the ‘knowing’ I believe in this moment I ‘know’ can be accurately expressed as a microcosm ‘knowing’ of the ‘macrocosm’ ‘knowing’ that is Yours…well, then it would be mine too, no? 🙂
    I honor you Gaia, the IAM that IAM! Peace and Love I say ~ BLESSED BE! I am so eternally GRATEFUL for you and am humbled and overjoyed that I get to see you every time I notice my reflection in a mirror or in a drop of rain water! And so again my journey begins, has begun, and soon will begin, NOW. Always Now.
    ~ “I have often heard it said, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’ I bet Alice when in the looking-glass would instead say, ‘I see it because I believe it!'” ~ K. Scott 🙂

    • Lita

      Thank you for your response K. Pepper reads all the posts but can’t always respond to them, due to her busy schedule. Please make sure to sign up for our newsletter to enjoy more of Pepper’s writing.

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