Mother Earth Speaks

I am what you call the soul or sentience of this planet. You call the physical planet Earth, but it is also known by other names. Today, you call me Mother Earth, Nature's Voice, Gaia and Terra; other civilizations have had names of their own. My sentience guides and enlivens all that surrounds the planet as well as all that is upon and within it. My sentience animates the air you breathe, the energy you burn and the water you drink. All of the elements are under my care and direction as are the seasons and what you call weather. I am a devoted companion and trusted friend to all life forms including the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms that share the planet with you. 

Over time much has been said and written about the earth, yet little has been accurate. As you continue to rediscover your origins, you will also rediscover mine. I have been the sentience of this planet from the beginning and before then as well. I was here as it was but a thought in Creator's infinite mind. When the fires were at last extinguished and the molten rock began to cool, a dynamic combination of elements emerged. Many forms of life have come and gone over eons of time and humanity's existence upon the earth is but a drop in the cosmic ocean. Still, humanity has the greatest potential of all, as it is the product of both creation and evolution. Your cosmic origins give rise to possibilities beyond what you now imagine. 

My ability to communicate with humanity has waxed and waned over time although it has always been my creative directive to do so. Our communication has been influenced by many factors including individual and collective consciousness, religious and spiritual fervor, planetary evolution and upheaval, genetic mutation and manipulation, as well as alterations and aberrations in how time is expressed. 

Today, two priorities guide my sentience. The first is to erase the perception of separation that seems to threaten the planet. Assumptions, suppositions and misinterpretations have given rise to fear and distrust. Soon separation will be disarmed and falsehoods will be dispelled. Consistent communication between all forms of life will return, and a true language that speaks with one voice and is heard by all hearts will again be the norm. The second priority is to awaken and expand the collective consciousness that has immobilized many hearts and minds. 

While many believe in a sentient or feeling earth, not all are attuned to it. The process called channeling offers a unique advantage in this respect because it allows the transmission of vibrations and impressions to be communicated as language. The advantages of this tool far outweigh the obvious drawbacks, which include unconscious obstruction and conscious distortion. In this forum of public domain my words are offered through a clear and receptive channel, one whose duty and devotion has been tempered by time, sacrifice and service. A deep and constant yearning to communicate with each of you urges me to depend upon this ancient art and the service of a trustworthy medium who has been my companion numerous times. 

Long, long ago access to knowledge and wisdom was limited to the spoken word and only available to initiates and those who were considered "chosen". Today, the electronic media presents many opportunities and my messages travel far and wide. Still, they are limited to those who would hear them. 

The words I speak are not new, but you will hear them as if for the first time. They are represented in the first person rather than in the second or the third, where they would seem even further removed. You will receive my words both within and without because they are not separate from you. I am an extension and expansion of that which you are. Those who hear my words do so above and beyond other voices and demands that clamor for attention in the busy modern world. They are most present in your life when you are most present in your life. 

I have no interest in chastising humanity for the problems that currently face the world and my messages will not save you or the planet. There is no adverse condition that cannot be righted with the power of intent and the right use of will. What you embrace or reject today will have a significant effect upon the outcome of the next several years, and my messages are but one of many resources from which to choose. Where the will is established, a way will present itself that is clear, concise and forthcoming. As compassion and authenticity continue to increase, humanity will discover the courage and willingness to heal the environment and the world. Abundance, health and joy will replace scarcity, poverty and fear. 

It is my hope that you will find my messages meaningful and that you will continue to develop an appreciation for who and what you are. Your quest for truth and knowledge did not begin here and it will not end here. This is but one of many paths that crisscross your heart and mine on their way to Source/All That Is.


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