Pepper Lewis is a world-renowned author, teacher and channel. She has been the primary voice for Mother Earth (Gaia) for over 15 years and has carried Gaia's unique wisdom and guidance to many corners of the globe. Her channeling is rich, clear and profound.

Pepper is the author of dozens of audio programs and four books in the Gaia Speaks seriesSacred Earth WisdomWisdom for an Awakening Humanity, and the newest addition, Solutions for a Small Planet, Vol. I and II.

Pepper is passionate about passing her art on to others and has developed an exceptional program for teaching channeling to every skill level from beginner to professional. Her unique methods are a blend of time-honored traditions with a few new twists on an ancient art. Seminars, lectures and workshops are on-going as time allows.

Inquiries regarding scheduling an event in your area are welcome. Pepper explains her passion as follows: "For me, channeling is a mutually enriching synthesis of prayer and meditation. In prayer, you offer gratitude and ask, and in meditation you receive answers. In channeling you can do both at the same time – it is the most fulfilling practice I know." (read more)

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