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mystery of mastery
mystery of mastery



The latest Featured Post – Life After Channeling

For the last 20 years it has been my joy and privilege to share the wise and compassionate messages of our sentient planet earth with you. Because we like to name almost everything, we came to call “her” Gaia, an intimate and accessible name reminiscent of Ancient Greece and other olden times when god-like beings communed with mere mortals like you and me. And this was perfect, because more than anything, Gaia wanted us to feel connected to our life and purpose here – to the elements and kingdoms of which we are a part….read more

A warm hug,

Pepper Keen Lewis


Live Recordings from Recent Events

Healing with the Masters:
Predictions Interview with Pepper & Gaia

January 2012

Pepper Lewis and Lee Carroll in Sedona
June 2011

Solutions for a Small Planet

On October 26th we are joined by Bea Wragee a trained metaphysician with expertise in several alternative modalities that are designed to support the expansion of your personal wisdom, health, and well being. To tune in or visit the archives click here.

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  • Prophecies and Predictions: these times are full of predictions of disasters and transformation. Gaia speaks on the importance we attach to specific dates.
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